Who We Appreciate, Thank and Love

Launching a new site takes hours of love and a huge quantity of work and technical expertise. We want to thank several people who have been especially instrumental helping us fly:

  • Iron Butterflies-without people willing to share their stories, we would have no project.  We love, respect and honor the time and thought each person has given to sharing his/her story.  When you meet them through their written and spoken voice, you will know why this community is so important.


  • Private Facebook Group Members-you generously post inspirational and supportive messages and comments. We treasure the time you take to think about what meaningful messages you want to share.


  • Verlie Edwards-our newest “team member” and Iron Butterfly.  She is an outstanding addition to our community and generously helps with editing and writing.


  • Luis Salcedo, Shelley’s Son-In-Love, who funded, facilitated, designed, produced, and helped create the beautiful original artwork for the logo.


  • Susie Brodsky, studied graphic design at The Academy of Art College in San Francisco. She has owned four different businesses and has over 35 years of experience in design including glasswork, jewelry and brushed stainless steel furniture design. She graciously designed our computer-generated pink and yellow butterfly for the center of our website. Her creation may also serve as the “headshot” for some of the Iron Butterflies who choose to be anonymous.


  • Laura Regan is another Austin artist who is sharing images of her magnificent paintings with us. Laura attended the Maryland Institute College of Art and majored in graphic design. She is now widely known for her vibrant wildlife portraits. Her original paintings are included in many collections including those of tennis star Martina Navratilova and opera singer, Marilyn Horne. The images of her work may also serve as the portraits for some of the Iron Butterflies who choose to be anonymous.


  • Mariel Salcedo, Barbara Dunkelman, Marilyn Baird, Sean Brindley, Alison Waldon, Charlene Coor, Susie Brodsky and Dr. Denise Richter for their valuable support on issues related to music, social media and their video/technical expertise and advice.


  • Drake White is our resident “butterfly expert.”  She is our “go to” person for everything related to our beautiful butterfly mascot.  Stay tuned for our interview with her and see how she creates an exquisite environment for our precious friends.


  • Our children: Sarah and Hill, Caroline and Luis, Ian, Kenneth, and Debi and Bill, for daily words of encouragement, love and support.


  • Our precious grandsons, Spencer and Thomas, who have such a joy of life that they inspire us just by being in their presence. They teach us to live in the moment, smell the flowers and look at the beautiful butterflies all around us.


  • And, to our husbands, Ken and Travis for their ongoing emotional and financial support. You are the “wind beneath our wings.”


We love you all,
Shelley and Kathy

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