Who We Are Following

We love gaining knowledge from thought leaders that may prove interesting and meaningful to our Iron Butterflies. Here are some of the sites and blogs we have been following.


Rezzan Hussey, a very interesting writer, has a weekly newsletter. She focuses on personal development and psychology. Her background is nutrition and she provides links to books and articles on topics that may interest Iron Butterflies.


This site prides itself on “evidence-based solutions” to today’s issues and concerns. You can follow it as far as you want to gain knowledge and information on ways to improve your life.


Will Bowen was morbidly obese, and miserable. He has been on a “quest to understand living.” He lost weight, graduated college and became a minister. What he learned along the way is that we all complain too much!!! His goal in life is to have a complaint-free world. His little purple bracelets help people remember to not complain, criticize or gossip, or you have to move it to the other arm. He is helping businesses, churches and schools all over the world teach the value of understanding and not complaining.


This is not just for children. It’s a fascinating site that explores science, technology, music, art, nature, space, animals, and may other topics by providing videos. Be aware, it can be addicting, but you’ll probably learn a lot and have fun.

Happiness-Project.com and GretchenRubin.com

Gretchen Rubin has extensive research and knowledge about happiness and habits. She has published several books and is considered one of the most prolific writers, influencers and thinkers in our world today. She also has a podcast called Happier With Gretchen Rubin and has created an expansive network of podcasts in her Onward Project. You are sure to find something helpful in her daily emails and weekly podcasts. Check out her Habits Quiz to determine what Tendency you are. It will help you know yourself and how you can improve your own personal and professional habits.


This is a regular newsletter that features, “unscripted dialogues between great thinkers.” There are articles with links that can lead you into deep research and insight. Sometimes they have written or recorded interviews. Every week, they provide up-to-date information and research on topics that Iron Butterflies may find relevant.

The Lightning Notes

The Lightning Notes are weekday gifts from Caitie Whelan. She’s a writer, speaker, teacher and the Noter-In-Chief. Before starting her blog, she was a Congressional Senior Foreign Policy Advisor. Her daily “love notes” take about two minutes to read, yet her messages last much longer. She has a unique approach to life and is always uplifting. It’s a quick and thought-provoking way start the day.

Gifts, Gratitude and Gumption

Caryn M. Sullivan is an attorney, columnist, speaker and an award-winning writer, who happens to be an Iron Butterfly. Her blog, called Gifts, Gratitude and Gumption, will touch your heart with her strength, and humility. She says, “life can knock us to our knees…what defines us—distinguishes us—is how we respond. Faced with adversity, we can be bitter, or we can be better. It’s a choice.” She interviews fascinating people who help bring out the best in others.


The sweet site defines kindness with a broad brush and challenges us to do our part. We learn creative ways to express kindness with people know and love and friends we may never meet.  They believe kindness is infinite , serious and fun.  They have fascinating articles about the science behind kindness and we can even participate in their kindness lab and follow their research.


Former Disney Executive, Mark Jaffe has created a site with ideas to help us achieve and maintain “happyness.”  His book, Suitcase of Happyness is a “roadmap to achieve and enjoy the happiest life.” He also curates quotes and resources and incorporates ways our imagination can lead to a happy life.


Who Are You Following?

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