Sandy Sandefur was born in Canada to a mother who was not ready to understand what it was like to raise a child with Cerebral Palsy. As a result, she was put up for adoption and was adopted by her mother Jean who lived in Portland, Oregon. It wasn’t always easy for her, but Sandy tried to have a positive outlook in life. She went to high school and had a lot of friends. She loved to listen to music and her favorite performer was Donny Osmond. Throughout her life, Sandy has felt privileged to attend many concerts and meet not only Donny, but made many new friends because of Donny and the Osmond Family. Today, Sandy is still a very happy lady with many friends and counts her blessings daily. Sandy is a dear friend to all and especially loves to send cards to her many friends for occasions such as Christmas and birthdays. Mostly, she loves to send cards to friends encouraging them to keep a positive outlook in life when they are have difficulties. Sandy’s smile and positive attitude are very contagious and everyone who comes in contact with her leaves with a better outlook in life too.

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