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Roadmap to Resilience

Bitter or Better
by Iron Butterfly Caryn M. Sullivan

Caryn qualified to be an Iron Butterfly at the age of eight when her mother took her and her siblings and moved to Puerto Rico with a man, leaving her father, whom she did not see for two years. Since then, she has faced more major life challenges than you can count on all ten fingers. Yet, she chooses to be Better instead of Bitter. In this beautiful memoir Caryn shares the stories of her life that affected her, but do not define her. As an attorney, journalist and speaker, Caryn captivates the reader immediately because of the way we feel about her, the minute we step into her world. Her insights into how she employed successful strategies will keep you spellbound. Within the pages, you will feel compassion and empathy but also gratitude for the ways she bravely approached her challenges and how she shares her experiences and hope with us.


Resilience, Girl Power

Conquering Your Quarter-Life Crisis
by Iron Butterfly Kali Rogers

Conquering Your Quarter-Life Crisis is a quick read designed for the millennial audience, yet her ideas and suggestions are just as relevant for the rest of us. She has a humorous approach to serious issues and it could easily be directed for people in Mid-Life Crises and even Three-Quarter Life Crises. She shares her wisdom, reminders and resources that can help a wider audience as well. She’s sassy, saucy and shoots straight…to your heart.  You can purchase the book here.


Effective Language

5 Languages of Appreciation

Five Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace
by Gary Chapman and Paul White

Years ago, Gary Chapman wrote Five Languages of Love. He and Paul White have adapted his research for the workplace. However, even if you do not work outside the home, the principles can work in other organizations, including non-profits and families. They have a quiz to help you discover what your Language of Appreciation is. They are: Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Quality Time, Tangible Gifts, and Physical Touch. It helps us know our own preferred language of appreciation and how to interact better with our families, friends and colleagues.


Power of Perseverance

Measuring Power of Passion and Perseverance

by Angela Duckworth

Grit is one of the most profound books I’ve read in a long time. It is easy to read, well researched and written in powerful, yet significant language. Her research is a fascinating look at how “grit” is the primary predictor of potential. That’s great news for most of us because so few people fit into the traditional high IQ or “Gifted and Talented,” metrics. She has created the Grit Scale, which gives insight into how committed we are. And, the other good news, is that we can learn more ways to strengthen our grit.




Growth Mindset, Reaching Potential

Growth Mindset

by Carol S. Dweck

This Stanford University Professor compiles her years of research on how to achieve success. She explores two basic approaches:
1. The fixed mindset that keeps us stuck in making excuses, blaming others, wallowing in the problem and not taking responsibility for our actions and reactions.
2. The growth mindset allows us to reflect on our part in an interaction and figure out effective strategies for progressing past the problem into a solution.

She debunks traditional thinking that praising others builds self-esteem and success. Finally, she gives specific examples of how parents, teachers, coaches, athletes and leaders can learn effective growth strategies and teach their children, students, mentees, peers, subordinates and colleagues how to employ them as well in their lives. Carol Dweck is helping us continue on our path to success as Iron Butterflies and is teaching us ways to model Growth Mindset for the people in our lives.


Power of Introverts

Power of Introverts

by Susan Cain

Susan’s research on human behavior as it relates to Introverts is unsurpassed, as far as I can tell. It is a fascinating review of literature and relevant examples of the best way of fostering creativity of introverts. She explores how ineffective traditional ways of teaching, coaching and motivating introverts have undermined the success of the individual and the organization.


Girl Power Expressed in Pictures

Strong is the New Pretty by Kate T. Parker

Beauty is redefined in images of girls, ages 5-18, in Kate T.Parker’s photo series Strong is the New Pretty. She has captured 175 images of girls expressing their power by expressing their authentic selves. You will be captivated by the energy, enthusiasm, perseverance, kindness and grit expressed in these pictures.

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