It is an honor to be talking with y’all today, about the Butterfly Effect. In asking me to do this, I’m assuming Shelley respects my expertise as a neuropsychologist or a father of two teenagers. Since the Butterfly Effect is based on Chaos Theory, I’m going to assume the latter.

The Butterfly Effect is named from knowing, the change in air pressure, from a single Butterfly waving its wings, has the potential power to change the Universe for the better—or worse.

Ironically, the Butterfly is likely never to know its Effects.

Every action in the Universe affects every other action of the Universe—no matter how small an action may be.

All your past actions—as have mine, have affected the Universe in just such a way to bring you and I to exactly where we are today—every feeling, thought, and behavior to this precise moment in space and time.

Mid-Thought Questions: Given the power to do so, would you change your past actions? What are you doing today to change your future actions?

Your actions today, will affect actions throughout the Universe for all eternity.

The Butterfly Effect puts a tremendous responsibility on us. Although the effect maybe small—what you are doing—during this very instance of reading this sentence will potentially determine the outcomes of the Korean Peninsula Peace talks or the crisis on the Mexico/US border or whether a child in a distant-place is fed tonight.  And to a much larger effect—what you are doing today may determine the strengths of your current relationships and every future relationship of yours and mine.

Final-Thought Questions: What parts of the Universe will your actions have the greatest effects upon today—and forever more?

Dr. Don Lucas

Don Lucas is a husband, father, and professor.

He goes by Dear, Daddy, and Dr. Don.

He loves family, people, and thinking.

He thinks a lot about happiness, contentment, and sexuality.

You can find him thinking on his YouTube channel, called 5MIweekly, every Thursday morning.

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