Stories of Our Iron Butterflies

Angels Among Us

By Evette Nowicki I was driving alone (with our dog Coco) from Florida to Oklahoma. I knew I would need to stop for gas shortly after my trip started, but I like to stop a lot, stretch my back and take the dog for a walk. About an hour and a half from our house, my...

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Just Around The Corner

By Misty Gassaway I have been in high gear, aka fight or flight mode, for the last several years. Many factors play into why I’ve been on this high gear, but reality is my body is finally speaking up. I’m grieving the loss of many things, but lately my grandfather’s...

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By Misty Gassaway It took me almost 20 years, but my biggest failure defined me a little less every day. Here’s a long ramble about my struggle with doubt and defining intelligence. In 7th grade I failed the standardized math test that Texas gives students. I was told...

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Crosses in the Sky

By Judy Lacy A Saturday in August 2022, while joining friends for a Peruvian memorial service for my friend’s Dad, via Zoom, we looked out at a beautiful, wide, blue sky with a few scattered clouds. Two of the biggest clouds were in the form of a cross. I told the...

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Emotional Vitamins

By Dr. Yvonne Kaye This pandemic has changed just about everything. Where we go, with whom we go, how we spend the time and a multitude of other life altering styles – all changed.  It has amazed me how creative so many people became. Baking, mainly bread, painting,...

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Pray For Ukraine

By Verlie Edwards As I write this, the news swirls with sickening reports of the horror that Russia is imparting on Ukraine. My heart aches for the citizens of Ukraine. These stories bring back two experiences I have had. The first is the journey my late sister-in-law...

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The Oxford Comma Can Add Years To Your Life

By Shelley Friend, Verlie Edwards and Leanne Ivey According to “The Oxford (or serial) comma is the final comma in a list of things. For example: Please bring me a pencil, eraser, and notebook. The Oxford comma comes right after the word eraser. Use of...

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Make All Your Wishes Come True with WOOP

WOOP is a scientifically-based process to help people make their wishes come true. WOOP is an acronym for four steps in Dr. Gabriele Oettingen’s model. It stands for Wish, Outcome, Obstacle and Plan. According to her website, it only takes 5-10 minutes...

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Breaking The Glass Ceiling

Breaking The Glass Ceiling As told to Verlie McAlister Edwards & Leanne Ivey Editor’s Note: Verlie Edwards became friends with Iron Butterfly Dr. Mary Lee Herrington through her best friend Leanne Ivey, Mary Lee’s niece and caregiver. Both know their lives have...

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