Stories of Our Iron Butterflies

Collecting Treasures = Blue Ribbons

by Judy Laing Celebrating the unique history of the Great State of Texas has always been an integral part of the annual State Fair. Have you ever wondered who collects and enters all those amazing artifacts everyone enjoys seeing? We are Judy and Doug Laing of Fort...

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My State Fair

by Judy Laing “Our State Fair is a great state fairDon't Miss it don't even be late” Editor’s Note: This could be Judy Laing’s theme song! We’re all familiar with the musical featuring songs by Rodgers and Hammerstein, but for Judy the Texas State Fair is part of who...

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What Is Your Legacy?

By Edie Weinstein                                                                          My friend Lisa Gidholm issued this invitation yesterday and it was one I couldn’t decline since death has been on my mind a great deal lately. “I am looking for a Volunteer....

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Altruism and The Common Good

                                   By Edie Weinstein You’re standing in a supermarket checkout line with a basket full of groceries and you notice the person behind you attempting to juggle five or six items while calming a crying toddler who is way past nap time....

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Did Someone Say New Normal?

by Edie Weinstein Among the terminology added to the vernacular in the past few months in the face of COVID-19, along with ‘flattening the curve,’ ‘social distancing,’ and ‘essential businesses,’ is ‘new normal’.  The first time I heard that phrase was when I was in...

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God Has Got This

by Misty Raley Gassaway When I was 11, I got bullied for my pale skin, gross glasses, big forehead, sensitivity & excessive smiling. Random, but a very specific list. #mistymusings It was a rough environment and the haters didn’t mess around. School had a pretty...

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Making Mental Health Matter

By Kimberly Allen As a new mental health legislative advocate, standing at the podium on the steps of the Texas State Capitol at a televised press conference, Kimberly Allen heard herself say, “I’m Kimberly, and I live with bipolar disorder.” After it concluded, she...

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Finding Your Iron in Unexpected Places

By: Stacy Armijo What did you do for your 40th birthday? Celebrate with family & friends? Take a trip? Mourn the bygone days of your 30s? I had a great 40th birthday, orchestrated by my husband and entailing perfect portions of family time, friend time and me...

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60 New Things in My 60th Year

by Nancy Amos Sometimes a pivotal life event will trigger major changes in one’s outlook or perspective. This happened to me in 2009 when I experienced a bad car accident. It stopped me in my tracks of working long hours and put me in the ICU for a week. I was off...

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My Soggy Encounter With Mr. Lewis

By Misty Raley Gassaway Celebrating my friend, I had the opportunity to meet Congressman John Lewis after graduating college and then again later and I will forever remember the encounters. He took the time to treat people with dignity and respect. Mr. Lewis fought...

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Hope for Vulnerable Children

My name is Chelsea Reidland. I have been married to the love of my life for almost 15 years. We have six kids and sponsor a girl in Ethiopia that we go see at least once a year. The first date I had with my husband I told him, “I want to adopt one day, I want to be a...

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