Stories of Our Iron Butterflies

My Soulmate Noname

By Cynthia O’Brien In 2016, I lost my soul mate cat. It brought me to my knees with grief. I was surprised by the intensity of something I had never experienced and I was not well for over a year. My sweet feral cat, Noname, who I had spent years taming and getting to...

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Living With Cancer

By Barbara Sneary, as told to her cousin, Verlie Edwards There will not be any ‘Pity Parties.’ This is how I have approached the last 20-plus years of living with cancer. A major part of my adult life has been spent being diagnosed with and overcoming cancer six...

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Spend Time With Your Elders

By Kay Lynn Means-Darling At the beginning of my sixth decade on this earth, I found myself pretty much all alone.  Both parents were gone, I was a widow and had no children, and my two half-sisters, half-brother, and their children were somewhat at a distance living...

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Feisty and Fabulous since 1918

By:  Cyndie Abshire, niece of Mary Reesby Aunt Mary, our Matriarch, has seen and experienced an enormous number of changes in the world over the past 100 years. She became an official centenarian on Aug. 3, 2018. Born in Galveston, the eldest of eight siblings, Aunt...

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Onward and Upward

By Adam Roten I’ve had the opportunity to work outside most of my life, which has given me the chance to observe and appreciate our surroundings that a lot of people may take for granted. One thing that I think about are the large, old-growth oak trees of many...

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FaithWorks of Abilene Podcast

FaithWorks formed in the mind and heart of Joyce Dalzell several years before the first class began in 2003. It was while she was volunteering at a local food pantry that she realized that the people being served "just have never learned the skills they need to find a...

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The Butterfly Effect

It is an honor to be talking with y’all today, about the Butterfly Effect. In asking me to do this, I’m assuming Shelley respects my expertise as a neuropsychologist or a father of two teenagers. Since the Butterfly Effect is based on Chaos Theory, I’m going to assume...

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by George D. Lewis Sometimes in life we find ourselves falling into a deep well with no way out. As we sit there at the bottom looking up to see if there is help, we often find an empty place and no one in sight.  We sit and stare at the last bit of water and think to...

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Fourth of July 2018

To celebrate the 242nd birthday of the United States, we thought we'd have some of our contributors write a bit about what patriotism means to them.  Our Founders were definitely Iron Butterflies as they wrote and implemented the Declaration of Independence.  For the...

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Summer Musings on Motherhood

by Kathy Strain I suppose I have been feeling a little nostalgic lately so I have been thinking more about my youth and childhood. I grew up in the east where the summers were humid and the air conditioners were scarce (the parents always had one in their rooms, but...

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The Beach is my Happy Place

by Verlie Edwards I’ve always lived in landlocked parts of Texas, but that hasn’t kept me from loving the beach with its sand, tropical fish and crashing waves. The beach is the only place where I relax and completely unwind. Whether traveling to the Texas Gulf Coast...

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Glad To Be Home

by Verlie Edwards During the fall of 1979 while working at the Texas Osteopathic Medical Association, I had a unique opportunity to take 40-plus osteopathic physicians and spouses on a continuing education trip to Russia. We traveled from Dallas/Fort Worth to Moscow...

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