Several of our Iron Butterflies are experienced educators, speakers and trainers.  Each speech, presentation or training session will be custom designed to the audience.  Let us know if you want us to help your organization with keynote addresses, training sessions, lectures or interactive presentations.

Topics include: Interpersonal, Intercultural, Organizational and Group Communication,  Leadership, Problem Solving/Conflict Resolution, Public Speaking and Spokesperson Training.  Other topics include: Family Communication, Living and Working with Difficult People, Improving Listening Skills, Developing Empathy, Creativity, Hope and Healing.

Please contact us if you are interested in any of our topics and we will design the right program for you and your group.

Specific keynote or training sessions include, but are not limited to:

  • Excellence: The Team Approach to Leadership
  • Problem Solving/Conflict Resolution
  • Public Speaking and Spokesperson Training
  • Improving Family Communication
  • The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: How to Live and Work with Difficult People
  • Huh?: Improving Listening Skills
  • Wonders of the World: Expanding our Perception
  • Developing Interviewing Skills
  • Communication and the Power of Language
  • Communication and the Power of Nonverbal Communication
  • Procrastination or Pre-crastination? : Improving Effectiveness
  • Running on Empty: Understanding, Preventing and Overcoming Burnout
  • Embracing the Butterflies: Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking
  • Scruples: Understanding and Practicing Ethical Behavior
  • It’s About Time: Using Time to Enhance your Goals
  • Game On: Building Your Business Plan
  • Me First: Setting Time for Yourself
  • Melting Pot or Mixed Salad: Embracing Diversity in Today’s World
  • Dealing with stress and change in life and work
  • Tapping into a higher level of creativity at work
  • Resolving conflict to form stronger teams
  • Co-creating the life or business you want
  • Growing as leaders from the personal journey of change
  • Finding hope and healing after the loss of a child
  • Wading through the stormy waters of addiction
  • Navigating the mind field
  • Spiritual awakening in life and in the workplace
  • Moms with Messages: safely and informally talk to a mom who has been there
  • Bitter or Better, It’s A Choice
  • Perfecting the Pivot
  • Owning Your Legacy
  • From Attorney to Family Crisis Manager: Lessons Learned in the OR, ER, and BMT Unit
  • Roadmap to Reslience


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