We joined a program promoting healthy eating for weight loss. The rules are: No flour, no sugar, eat only at mealtime, and weighing and measuring your food.

It is recommended that you align yourself with other followers for greater success. Members have the ability to participate in a friendly competition, comprised of 10-person teams for a period of 90 days. The object is to stay on the program every day.

The leader of each team has the ability to run their team as they desire. Each team has their own private Facebook page. Another tool used often is video chatting. Our video chatting tool of choice is called Marco Polo. Basically, it enables you to create and post a video of yourself chatting so that others in the group can watch and respond at their convenience.

In late January 2020, I decided to lead my first team. Two women from a team I was on previously committed to come on board. I then reached out for new members to fill our team that was beginning February 1, 2020. And thus, the sisterhood began.

We called ourselves the Zoomers Sisters. Over the course of the past year and a half, a few have left the group and others joined (six of the current crew is from our original team!). Our group lives all over the United States, one in Canada, and one in Australia! Only a handful have ever met each other in person. We range in age from 30’s to 70’s, some with school-aged children to no children.

Several of us have grown children with kids of their own (our grandkids). Some are working and some are retired. Some on their first marriage, some on their second, and one has never been married.

We came together with the goal of using each other’s experience to strengthen our own program. We each had very strong programs, but as one or another struggled, we learned the true power of support. Some women worried we wouldn’t want them to remain in our group. But OH NOOO!! Not us!!! There was only love and support given.

One member invited a member who was struggling into the proverbial “teepee for tea.” And thus began a frequently used phrase to come and have “tea in the teepee” whenever support – or just a hug – is needed.

Another member added, “just like my sister, you held me up and brought me through knee surgery, taking care of my parents during COVID, and were there when I lost both my parents. And, I’m just so grateful and thankful for all those times dealing with work issues, and you were there (watching on Zoom) for my wedding. We’ve been there for grandbabies being born, for people with COVID, losing friends and family and just being available for each other. It’s made me stronger to have you strong ladies in my life.”

As we learned more about each other’s lives (beyond the food), we became closer and closer.

We truly believe we all harbor such intense positive and supportive feelings for each other. We began our sisterhood with the hope of strengthening our eating programs and soon found it was so much more.

We ARE “Sisters by Choice.”

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