Relationships & Spirituality

Stories about relationships, emotional and spiritual well-being

Angels Among Us

By Evette Nowicki I was driving alone (with our dog Coco) from Florida to Oklahoma. I knew I would need to stop for gas shortly after my trip started, but I like to stop a lot, stretch my back and take the dog for a walk. About an hour and a half from our house, my...

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Crosses in the Sky

By Judy Lacy A Saturday in August 2022, while joining friends for a Peruvian memorial service for my friend’s Dad, via Zoom, we looked out at a beautiful, wide, blue sky with a few scattered clouds. Two of the biggest clouds were in the form of a cross. I told the...

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Emotional Vitamins

By Dr. Yvonne Kaye This pandemic has changed just about everything. Where we go, with whom we go, how we spend the time and a multitude of other life altering styles – all changed.  It has amazed me how creative so many people became. Baking, mainly bread, painting,...

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Secrets of Lykke

The Secrets of Lykke Lykka (pronounced LOOKA) is the Danish word for happiness. Some studies show Denmark as the “happiest country in the world” so how do they define happiness and how do they achieve it? And, finally, what can the rest of us do to achieve Lykke? Meik...

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I Am My Father’s Daughter

by Lori Levy Blessings From My Father There is a phrase in Judaism often used when speaking of a deceased loved one, “Zikhronoh livracha,” which translates to, “may his memory be for a blessing.” It is a saying that can bring comfort to those who are grieving and...

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Broadway During the Pandemic

By Kathy Strain I have been lucky to wear many hats during my lifetime that have fulfilled me and brought me joy. But the hat of serving as a contributing editor for an international website called Broadway World ( has...

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Sisters by Choice: Sister Chiefs

By Rochelle Dornatt “Sisters are angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly.” “Not sisters by blood, but sisters by heart.” Life on Capitol Hill was Rochelle Dornatt’s life. She loved (mostly) every minute of the almost three...

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Uncle Lutz

by Ruth Anne Wood My friend Lutz (82) strung up and tuned my new violin the day it arrived in mid-December 2020. He started playing violin as a boy in Germany and smuggled it out of his birthplace. He still plays in an orchestra, folk song society and Gilbert &...

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