It Is Well

By Lynette Norris On Wednesday, November 25, 2014, we were completely blindsided by the news that I had Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer with two inoperable tumors in my pelvis.  I won't ever forget telling my daughters this news.  I felt as though I was telling them that I was...

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Sweet Sixteen

By Brigette Neal It was Friday night, my friend had convinced me there was a "great" party we needed to check out, in a neighborhood near ours. Our usual drill was sneaking out her bedroom window, either walking somewhere to attend a "great" party, or sneaking her...

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Heartbeat of Love

By Missy Stagers Life ….the beating heart, the breath we take in, the moment we become aware of living. This is just simply about a sliver in time, when all those things came to one second and decision of whether my daughter was going to take the next step…a heart...

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