Life is Full of Ups and Downs

by Kay Lynn Means DarlingLife is so full of ups and downs, but most have lessons to be learned or knowledge to be stored. More times than not at this stage of my life it has become easier to accept change because I realize our Father in Heaven is graciously guiding my...

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The Stranger in our Home

By Caroline Kessler SalcedoOn July 19, 2018, my husband and I met a stranger and invited her to live with us. To be honest, she wasn’t the best roommate at first. She stayed up all night, was very loud and never cleaned up after herself. She left her stuff all over...

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My Father, My Hero

By Kay Lynn Means-Darling When I think back on my life, my first thought is the need to honor my heroes…being a true Daddy’s girl, first on my list would be my father.  Oh how I wish I “would have known then what I know now.”   The extent of sacrifices he bestowed...

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