by George D. Lewis

Sometimes in life we find ourselves falling into a deep well with no way out. As we sit there at the bottom looking up to see if there is help, we often find an empty place and no one in sight.  We sit and stare at the last bit of water and think to ourselves, “There is no way out.”

If we look closer to the remaining water, we can see our own reflection and often wonder how we came to be in the deep and lonely place where we feel trapped and all alone. But, as we look closer to the water and see ourselves, it is then that we find the strength to pull ourselves up and push on with life. In this reflection, we find out just who we really are and how strong we truly can become as long as we believe in ourselves and the power and wisdom we hold so deep inside. This is the beginning of our new life and we then will realize that no matter what comes our way after this, that we can handle anything.

It is then that we find our peace in life and our greatest strength.  With this process, we become more powerful than life itself. This is the beginning of who we are and we begin to really love life and see it for all its purposes and just how big of a part we play in others’ lives.

I was born and raised in Utah. I’ve had my share of life’s ups and downs (too many to count). I believe I have a different outlook on life than most people and I feel the need to share some of them.

I say hi to someone new every day mostly the ones I see that could use a friendly smile. There’s so much about me that I believe might help someone else out through my own life’s challenges and experiences.

I live and breathe these simple words every day “I love life” if I can help one person see that there is hope and they’re not alone then I have been successful with my life.

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