By Marianna Dydek Waite

My story is one of my joy and freedom.
I once lived a life based on a balance of trust along side a faint and haunting noise of mistrust.
Fear and mistrust are very noisy, indeed, distracting and misleading.
Love is not. Love is clear, sure and genuinely freeing.

My long twisted, bittersweet tortured, amazing journey of trails and trials of tribulations became the way I lived.
But always love was present with me and within me. As I bleed and struggled alongside within me was a joyful hope. Filling me, juxtaposed to my pain.
I never wanted to hurt back or seek justice, only peace and safe harbor.
As I felt my pain I had so much help from so many to deeply release it.
My mind was not understanding any of it. Yet there, to offer kindness, support and comfort, was joy and freedom…
my strongholds and best friends.

So, to say, I know both love and fear, I do. At times fear poses as love and deceives. And always love is freedom for me.  Fear feels stifling like being trapped in a prison.
I must find a way to be free. Even in that, I am not trusting and accepting care. Love finds a way. Love finds the best path and offers it as the best choice.

How do I trust this freedom? I just decided I have no other option. No other suitable option that is.
My choice in freedom is taking loving care for myself. I am joyful and feel delighted to be me. In order to grow, nurture, and contribute to others in a meaningful way.
It is the only game in town and in my heart.
As an Iron Butterfly, I fly away spreading my wings enjoying flight and rest upon a fragrant flower in the garden of joy and freedom.

As Elton John and Bernie Taupin said “ Sweet freedom whispered in my ear, you’re a butterfly and butterflies are free to fly, so Fly Away, High Away…”

Born in New Braunfels, raised in San Angelo, Texas, I fell in love over six times in Austin, Texas, I will settle in Dripping Springs, Texas soon with my love and new husband, Michael King Waite. I am fortunate and ready to rest in his arms forever is our plan.

The path I have taken toward love has taken me. And I have taken its lessons and gifts. I am a product of it’s generous blessings that love offers.

My aspirations at six years old to be a priest after seeing and being transformed by God’s Holy Spirit is still developing my being. Its taken all my life. I plan to fulfill this ‘spiritual calling’ in a way that satisfies my ‘heart’s calling’.

I write poetry, I practice dental hygiene professionally, am a graduate in business science management, a Stephen’s Minister, mother of an adopted daughter from Russia and I love to dance and give my time to projects in women’s groups.

But truly, my best is saved for last. I am ready for its embrace as love takes me by my hand and says, “Follow Me”.

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