Who We Are Listening To

Podcasts are a great way to learn when you are busy.  We have found several that may be interesting and entertaining to our Iron Butterflies.

Adulthood Made Easy

Yes, that’s its name. It’s from Panoply and part of the family of podcasts from the magazine Real Simple. The 22-year old host says “she’s clueless,” so she’s interviewing people to find answers to becoming an adult. It sounds like she’s targeting millennials but I enjoy learning things I forgot I needed to know.


Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert

You may have read Eat, Pray, Love and then Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear. Her podcasts delve into ways we can foster creativity in our own lives. She interviews interesting people with innovative ways we can consider allowing our creative processes to thrive.


Zen Parenting Radio

PR Podcast-Todd and Cathy have an innovative and humorous approach to mental health and mindfulness. It’s not just about parenting although their motto is “encourage empathy and compassion for ourselves, each other, and the world.”


Happier With Gretchen Rubin

This podcast is part of the Onward Project of podcasts. Produced by Panoply,
Gretchen and her sister, Elizabeth Craft, study happiness, habits and human nature. They interview interesting thought leaders and give advice on how we can know ourselves better, with the ultimate goal of becoming happier.


The Psychology Podcast with Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman

This podcast boasts “stimulating your brain since 2014.” He is a researcher, author, and speaker, “who is deeply interested in helping all kinds of minds live a creative, fulfilling, and meaningful life.” The purpose is to help us understand ourselves and others.



Pinkcast is the short (2-minute) podcast by Daniel H. Pink. He packs a “punch” with the power of quick interviews of cast of characters that explore business, culture and human behavior.


Who Are You Listening To?

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