By Drake White, The Nectar Bar

“She made broken look beautiful
and strong look invincible.
She walked with the Universe
on her shoulders and made it
look like a pair of wings.” ~Ariana Dancu

The lesson of the butterfly is letting go of the past and moving forward into a next phase of existence; to experience something new & wonderful. We all transform through multiple stages in life. It is only through this exertion that we emerge into the beautiful butterfly we will be next.

I’m always reminded of how much we are like butterflies from every stage of our lives from birth to adulthood. We endure the growth pattern, many times without realizing our own strengths.

When I first started raising butterflies, I had no idea what it would turn into. Had you told me one day before discovering my first caterpillars, that I would be forming a business around butterflies; I would have laughed. I learned so much without realizing how many times I shed my old self into the new self I was becoming. I was unaware of the wings that were growing. What started out as something to care for through my emotional healing, became a business.

So often I find many living in fear, afraid of change because uncertainty is uncomfortable. I myself have been there. But there is great joy in the journey, if we just allow it. I started to embrace the hard lessons. Because, without those, we cannot continue to move forward. You have to make mistakes, just learn from them, so you can grow.

Butterflies are wonderful teachers. They represent spiritual rebirth, transformation, creativity, endless potential, and needed change. I challenge you to look at yourself before looking at all the chaos going on around you, and ask yourself, am I ready to break free?

Am I ready to emerge from my chrysalis? Emerge and soar like the beautiful butterflies we are. There is nothing that cleanses the soul like peace, love and butterflies.


Drake White, founder of The Nectar Bar, is dedicated to the conservation of our pollinators. A Texas Master Naturalist, along with Project Manager & designer of the Butterfly Learning Center at Phil Hardberger Park; an outdoor classroom for people to learn about native plants, butterflies and other pollinators. Drake is NLCP certified, a course given through the Native Plant Society of Texas. Drake has spent the last six years raising butterflies of many species and educating others on their needs in the garden and landscape. Drake continues to learn and develop skills in conservation/restoration efforts

Peace, Love, & Butterflies.
The Nectar Bar
Drake White, Owner
(210) 844-2381

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