By Kathy Strain

This weekend was special for our son Kenneth because he proposed to his sweetheart, McKenna, the love of his life.  He lives in Idaho and is attending college there. While we’re all missing him here in Texas, I’m still glad he went to Idaho. He loves it there. He’s really happy. But, with all the busyness of school, I worry about whether or not he’s eating right, sleeping well, taking time to relax or finding time to have fun. I know he’s found time to date a few ladies there and now he’s found his eternal companion too. You see, he was a true romantic with his idea to catch her off-guard when he proposed. He got down on one knee and asked for her hand in marriage as he handed her the ring. It was a sweet romantic moment and it made me proud to be his momma. They plan a July wedding (yes, this July, why wait) and I can’t wait to see them together loving and laughing and sharing their lives together. #McKenneth2k18

Kathy Strain is one of the creators of Iron Butterflies Project.