I Am My Father’s Daughter

by Lori Levy Blessings From My Father There is a phrase in Judaism often used when speaking of a deceased loved one, “Zikhronoh livracha,” which translates to, “may his memory be for a blessing.” It is a saying that can bring comfort to those who are grieving and...

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Fate Doubles Down

By Norma Alford I was recently asked how I had been doing since my last encounter with Fate. After quickly calculating that it had been two years since my essay on the subject, I explained that much had happened. Life started to gradually return to its normal...

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A Lifetime of Healing

by Shelley Anne Friend February 14, 1970, Valentine’s Day, was the worst day of my 14-year-old life. My father and I had driven from Beaumont, Texas, where we had recently moved, to be closer to a hospital for my mother, back to Liberty, Texas, where we lived most of...

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It’s All for Her

By Marty Barnes In 2006 my husband and I welcomed our first and only child into the world while living in Santa Monica, California.  About one month before the due date we were rushed to the hospital where they performed an emergency cesarean.  Due to a traumatic...

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Never Give Up!

By Carolyn Phillips Many of us have gone through trials in our life and all of us experience them similarly or in different ways. Each of us is uniquely individual with unique qualities. And yes, the wise saying of “time heals” really is true.  Just be...

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Carried Away

By Kara Paige My father committed suicide. He took with him a healthy body but a diseased mind. A mind that was under the command of manic-depression. It was classic: Cycles of euphoria then depths of despair, often coupled with psychosis and suicidal ideation. While...

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What You Think, You Are

By "C" “You’re not what you think you are, but what you think, you are!” This quote by the late American psychologist, William James, is one of my favorites for handling the aftermath of grief. The loss of a loved one can feel like you have fallen into an empty well,...

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Wonder Woman

By Kay Lynn Means Darling Growing up in East Texas in the 70s may have had its own challenges. But, for Kay Lynn, it meant a chance for her to do something that many women had not done before. By 1975 at the age of 19, Kay Lynn found herself divorced and in need of a...

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Fate Deals The Hands

By Norma Alford Having survived breast and uterine cancer, I am occasionally asked how I coped. Although it has been almost twenty years since my ordeal began, I still have no definitive answer. I do know that fate sometimes deals us a hand we don't want to play. And...

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