Terri Ray’s second story is a brief interview about how she maintained the power, strength and flexibility it took to be an award winning Hollywood stunt woman.  She shares how she’s experiencing a new version of what power, strength and flexibility really mean.

My story is one of extreme high accomplishments and getting back up again following life’s most challenging blows.
I am blessed to be called an xPro Athlete; former Factory Kawasaki Race Team Rider setting in total 7 World Records with the last one still unbroken, to date. I was deemed “the fastest woman in the history of the sport.” To that additionally, I am a retired Hollywood stuntwoman. As a 26-year vested Screen Actors Guild member,  I was granted the distinct honor of the SAG Award in 2009 for Best Stunt Ensemble in a Television Series; ‘24’.  That year would also complete my heart’s passion project, “Stuck In Traffic,” a documentary short on human sex trafficking. As Executive Producer/Writer, I would receive my most humbling and highest honor; the Los Angeles John Chow Humanitarian Award (2009).

As a woman, I have faced many giants in my lifetime; the giant of betrayal, abuse of power, brokenness of heart and shattered identity, being ‘’pushed down’’ to the ground in shame and disappointment.

Interestingly, just like my work as a stuntwoman, inside me was the will to “get up again.” Because of the most recent giant, a diagnosis of  stage 4 terminal ovarian cancer on Sept. 11, 2019, I have discovered a strength inside to, literally, shift the entire grid of my life to hope and courage. It is through grace that I could receive this. There was nothing I did, or could do, to earn this grace.

Terri’s book, Live Courageously, is available on Amazon.