Summer Trip!

By Verlie Edwards How do you approach a road trip? With excitement, planning and a willingness to “go with the flow.” Really, all you need is a great friend and a full tank of gas! Last summer my best friend, Leanne Ivey, and I embarked on a cross country driving...

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Handling Holiday Stress

By Shelley Anne Friend Years ago, I created a program called Handling Holiday Stress. It was a six-hour training session designed for teachers, but it seems just as relevant today as it did years ago. So, as a holiday gift to our Iron Butterflies Project friends, I am...

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Healing Power of Crystals

By Susan Current "Divinity exists within us, and within all living things.Through yoga, meditation, intention rituals and insight coaching, we can more fully embody this- the essence of who we are. I work to guide individuals towards creating an ever present, sacred...

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Healing Power of Sleep

Healing Power of Sleep By Jessica Leigh Ehrlich In the dedication of her book The Sleep Revolution, Arianna Huffington says, “For all those who are sick and tired of being sick and tired,” which is an intriguing way to start a book analyzing the value of sleep in a...

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Power of Accountability Partnerships

By Jessica Ehrlich We’ve all been there — you’ve splurged at LuluLemon buying new yoga pants and sports tops. Your fridge is stocked with fresh fruits and vegetables, and you’re overflowing with new recipes. You have a vision of your future, ripped self-slaying...

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Project Eat Fat

By Jessica Ehrlich Fact: Eating fat is healthy and will actually help you lose body fat. No, this isn’t a trick. I get asked all the time by my clients and friends my secrets for looking as fit as I do. I tell them I eat 100 grams of fat almost everyday. Most don’t...

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Grounding: It’s No Longer A Punishment

By Jessica Ehrlich When I was a teen, grounding was a punishment for missing curfew or talking back to my parents. They said it wasn’t a punishment, more of a consequence, a chance for me to take a break and “think” about my choices. From one perspective my parents...

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Sugar: Public Enemy #1

By Jessica Ehrlich What is the best advice you will ever receive about health and wellness? STOP. EATING. SUGAR. Now, the idea of eliminating sugar may send you into fetal position, any time of year, but especially as the fall holidays approach. That is because sugar...

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Yoga Therapy: A Healing Path

By Amanda Green I’ve been practicing yoga for over two decades and I’ve loved it the whole time. But like any good love story, as I’ve changed so has my relationship to this profound practice. I came to yoga in my twenties. I practiced because I wanted to maintain my...

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