by Ruth Anne Wood

Breakups are hard to do with a loved one, pet or a personal possession.

For over two decades of being a massage therapist, I’ve done chair massages at fairs next to gem dealers or clients who ask me if I had any interest in crystals. I never did.

Then a new friend in my women’s group had a couple of us over to paint tiles and make crystal necklaces.

Susan has become quite the crafter, herbologist and crystal enthusiast. She once had a wellness center in her home. Now her basement is a treasure trove of art and craft supplies, from beads, papers, glues, tiles, frames… Susan is a top seller in group art shows even during COVID. This all started when one of her two daughters asked Mom to make some art for the first apartment after college a decade ago.

Susan gifted us something called Lemurian seed crystals that have been said to have information of ancient technology encoded in the crystals to make necklaces.

“Lemurian crystals are said to be master healers and are thought to carry messages from the lost continent of Lemuria. The Lemurians were known for high telepathic powers and spirituality and legends tell us that they had foreseen a great cataclysmic event on Earth.”

(As you read this, imagine an animated love story between a woman and her pet crystal.)

When I brought Lemurian home I was curious if I’d receive any messages. A couple weeks went by and it told me it wanted to go to the spas where I do therapeutic massages and I kept it under my shirt.

Then it wanted to be visible the first time I played my blues harmonicas (my husband gifted me for Christmas) at open mike night on stage with seasoned performers! Around this time I got the courage to buy myself a beginner adult violin. I hadn’t played since preschool, then in my 20s, the seller “had to” buy it back. For a month, I’ve been improving violin notes with diverse tunes played on Alexa.

Then the first Monday of the new year, Lemurian gave me a visual of a baby in a car seat reaching out to be carried. It wanted to go to Longwood Gardens!

Then I got a strong message that it wanted to go to Saint John Island on our vacation where I write this account.

When we got to our artist studio up a windy hill overlooking the coast, Lemurian rested on my nightstand and it didn’t want to be anywhere near my cell phone, computer monitor or laptops! Then a full day into our week trip very clearly it requested I set it free from the copper wire and string.

When “Lemurian” first told me, it wanted to return to the earth I was shocked and annoyed. It felt like a tiny breakup. Lemurian sent me a very clear mental image of it diving into the soil and Michael Phelps dolphin tail swimming deep into the earth! I texted my women’s group friends that I had been tricked.

I wanted to be told the ancient secrets encoded by the Lemurians! But there was something I had gleaned from this unexpected exchange.

Let go.

Follow your heart.

Return to your roots.

Don’t stay trapped in an undesirable situation.

Respect others wishes…

Even if it means going on separate paths.

After consulting my friends and listening to Lemurian’s insistent request, half way through the trip I removed it from my night stand and placed it in the planter outside. The fast-forming tropical rains came and to my dismay I had an image of the storm knocking over the ceramic pot and “Lemurian” leaping joyful over the edge making its great escape!

Finally, today, two days before going home, I released it from its copper necklace bondage and flung it over the deck. I heard it hit the ground. And I’m sure it said, “Thank you”.

Fast forward half a year, and I’ve started a business and Water Clearing Project with these group of friends. We focus on raising the vibration, health and wellbeing in our selves, homes, local waterways and the most crime ridden neighborhoods of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. For more on this interesting turn of events visit: Scripting for Success.







Ruth Anne Wood has been practicing acupressure and oriental medicine since 1994 and talking to one crystal in particular since December 2020. She hopes to harness her insights from Lemurian long after her Saint John vacation but she’s not rushing into anymore crystal relationships.


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