Julia Benkoski Full Bio

It was with the passing of my beloved father that I decided to reassess my legal career. I knew that I had something special to offer people who needed my legal expertise as well as my compassion. I understood the importance of being sensitive to the needs of my clients while getting the job done for them at a most difficult time in their lives. And I felt called to protect my clients, their families, assets and legacies. I knew then that I would focus my law practice in the areas of probate and estate planning, a more service based career path. Seeking to educate myself and stay abreast of current statutory laws, case law, trends and court holdings, I attended more than one hundred hours of continuing legal education classes in this field of law, annually. I promised my clients that I would bring a sense of personal service and flexibility to my clients, meeting with them in their offices and homes if so desired. I also felt a call to be a peacemaker, to mediate and arbitrate. I immediately registered to take the required course work and acquired designated status in both fields of conflict resolution. From the basic barking dog case to the multi-party business dispute, I mediated a myriad of topics and with an array of interesting parties

After 35 years as a licensed attorney, my soul and heart yearned for change. Some of those years were consumed with 24/7 grueling hours. I ignored my body and health and soon found myself in and out of ERs and critical hospital stays. Stricken with severe illnesses, which left me clinging to life, I received Last Rites numerous times, was told by a doctor to go home, get hospice care and prepare to die. Instead, I chose to live. My passions are my husband and family; English hunter jumping with Bella Noche; my dogs and kitties; service on behalf of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul and Rotary Club of Austin; BCCC 8212 lady friends and Book Club! I love the people in my life and traveling! And I’ve written hundreds of weekly columns for the ministry of St. Vincent de Paul. I embrace life with complete and utter abandon! Come, walk and talk with me…

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