Interviewer: Tell me about yourself
Lillian: My name is Lillian. I live in Fort Worth, Texas, and I am 9-years-old. I am in 3rd grade at Fort Worth Country Day.
Interviewer: How long have you been in quarantine?
Lillian: I have been in quarantine since March 12, which was just a couple of days after my birthday.
Interviewer: How did quarantine affect your birthday?
Lillian: It was sad because a lot of our plans changed. Our trip with friends to California was canceled last minute.  My birthday party with friends was also canceled.  I celebrated at home by making cupcakes with my family.
Interviewer: How did you come up with the idea for the “I’m Still Quarantining” video?
Lillian: One sunny day, I was playing outside in the driveway.  I like to sing while I’m playing. I was singing, “I’m Still Standing”. I was thinking about quarantining and how we have to sorta make the best of it.  So, I just started singing, “I’m Still Quarantining….yeah…yeah…yeah”. It just popped into my mind. So, I ran inside to tell Mommy.  Mom remembered that there was an upcoming online talent show at school, with a due date several weeks still to go.  So, we decided to work on the song and see if we could tweak the lyrics and put together some dances.
Interviewer: How long did you work on it in total?
Lillian: It took about 3 days to write the song and practice the song to make sure the concept would work out.  And about 2 days to do the filming, and 2 days for the editing.
Interviewer: What do you think your classmates will say when they see the video?
Lillian: I’m new to this school this year.  They will probably think that it’s not the Lillian they know.
Interviewer: What part was the most fun?
Lillian: Probably the dancing.
Interviewer: Tell me about the costumes.
Lillian: I designed them. I have a whole basket of dress-up costumes, and decided to put them together to make a weird, but cool look.  An old (previous) Montessori teacher had given me some hand-me-down dance costumes. I used some of those in the video.  My cousins and I did a dance routine for my grandma’s 70th birthday and we had bright accessories and costumes.  My mom even let me use some of her special hats from the Kentucky Derby a few years ago. My brother has a ton of costumes, but they are not all dance costumes. I knew his “Greatest Showman” costume would be perfect.
Interviewer: What do you hope this video shows to people?
Lillian: Happiness and gives them a little pop in their day.  My family and I have a special way that music makes us happy when it’s a hard time. When I was a baby, I would cry at bedtime, and she would turn on music loudly and she would dance with me.  She said that I would calm down after dancing.  And, a few years ago, my mom went through cancer. We danced a lot at home to bring joy.
Interviewer: Tell me about these dance parties.
Lillian: We turn off the lights, plug in a disco light bulb into a lamp, and it lights up our living room so we can dance. Each family member gets to choose 2 songs, and it’s just really fun how music has been a part of our life.
Interviewer: What has been some things you actually liked about quarantining? If you had to think of the positives.
Lillian: Making banana bread with family. Being able to see my dad in the day. Playing with my brother a lot more.



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