By Jessica Ehrlich

I have suffered from some sort of health issue or ailment for most of my life. I’ve been actively searching for answers for the last 20 years… To no avail until now.

Fatigue, IBS, eczema, brain fog, and borderline hypothyroidism have almost completely disappeared in less than 40 days – and I did it ALL with food! Yes, I am completely, wholeheartedly, absolutely serious – cross my heart! I’ll start from the beginning.

As a kid, I was energetic, vivacious, precocious and healthy. Somewhere in my early teens, I suffered with what most every kid gets… mono, strep throat, bronchitis, colds, ear infections, etc. I got them a lot though.

In my late teens, I began taking naps almost daily. I even found it difficult to stay awake at school. I remember going to the doctor, getting blood tests and everything coming back negative. “She’s fine”, the doctors always said. Lupus, lime disease, autoimmune, you name it, they tested me for it. All tests indicated I was a perfectly healthy teen. Well, why was I so freaking tired all the time?

The naps did not stop nor did the fatigue and overall malaise. College years came around and like most any student away on their own for the first time, I pushed my body to the limit. Lack of sleep, poor diet, drinking, etc. It’s no wonder I was sick most of the time. Nothing serious, just your common colds and upper respiratory infections and the like. Of course, the overall fatigue was still there, but now I blamed the brunt of it on college life.

Once graduated and established into my career, the fatigue escalated and was ruining the quality of my life so I began to seek help and answers, again. Over the last 18 years, I have seen a minimum of 30 different doctors and spent more money than a luxury car costs for answers to my ailments. I’ve seen MDs, natural practitioners, functional medicine doctors, even therapists thinking maybe I was just depressed. I took fistfuls of supplements, tried every diet and then sought out even more professional opinions. Nothing worked.

Things hit an all time low ten years ago, despite my relentless quest for answers, when my hair began to fall out, rapidly. And then new symptoms arose… brain fog, heart palpitations, restless leg syndrome, body aches and more fatigue along with even more frustration. How could I be any healthier in my lifestyle choices?!

Oh, you might be surprised to know, I am in the health and fitness industry, a personal trainer by trade for the last 28 years. It’s my job to be healthy, know healthy and eat healthy! So what the heck gives? All signs and symptoms seemed to point to my thyroid being the culprit, but, ironically, it was still in normal ranges (my entire life) according to extensive testing. Nevertheless, I went on thyroid supplements/helpers.

I stuck with this protocol and found a little relief for about 10-12 months. Then, slowly felt the pull back to extreme fatigue and new symptoms. I looked healthy so friends and family were perplexed, offering plenty of helpful suggestions. “You’re working out too much!” “You’re too stressed, go have some fun!” Maybe it WAS all in my head.

So, I cut back on my workouts, began meditating even though my life didn’t seem stressful, apart from never feeling good. I regulated my schedule at work and in life. Now, I really WAS sad. These changes dramatically affected my social life, but I was desperate. The changes seemed to work at first, but like everything else, the fatigue and symptoms slowly but surely returned.

Soon, 8.5 hours of sleep per night were not enough. I needed 10+ hours! The morning fatigue would not clear until almost three hours after waking. I could barely drive the 12 minute ride home at noon without my eyes desperately wanting to close. I took a nap every single day. And then, more symptoms started to surface.

Along with frequent bouts of bloating, I began experiencing IBS and digestive issues no matter what I ate. Patches of my eyebrows were falling out, unexplained aches and pains all over my body all the time and reoccurring eczema on my face was resistant to creams or treatment. At one point I looked jaundice but still, blood tests and doctors said nothing was wrong. I felt broken, crazy, frustrated, betrayed by my body and like a full-blown hypochondriac!

Relentless and desperate, I kept searching. Then a miracle finally happened.  Thanks to Instagram, I began seeing things pop up about Anthony Williams, the Medical Medium. I ignored the posts at first because it seemed hokey. But after seeing so many people on social media get better with his suggestions, I thought, why not? It certainly can’t hurt!

The Medical Medium’s protocol is in the healing power of eating unprocessed wholesome foods and avoiding “virus feeding” foods. Well, that’s something I hadn’t heard before. I mean I ate well, really well, for years now. But I had no idea about some missing links.

First, I had to understand the Medical Medium believes we all have viruses living inside of us. These viruses (think strep, mono, EBV – remember I had strep and mono no less than a dozen times as a kid) mostly remain dormant in our bodies. However, with the right triggers (stress, antibiotics, poor diet, toxins, etc.) the viruses begin to “wake up” and start attacking the body systematically eventually, leading to the thyroid and liver. This could explain why I had hypothyroid symptoms, but no clear blood results and even some liver symptoms (jaundice and fatigue).

I was desperate and willing, so off I went. Luckily, my diet was already super clean so adopting the new regimen was easy.

After one week, I felt energetic. I even went the whole week with only one 20 minute nap. I took a nap every freaking day people, for decades! After only two weeks, small aches and pains started to subside and digestive issues lessened greatly. This was plenty enough incentive for me to keep going!

Now at nine months in, the changes I have felt in my body are nothing short of miraculous. Ninety percent of the issues I have experienced for 30 years have almost completely disappeared!

I am absolutely blown away at what has happened in the last several months! My body is finally healing and thriving. Hallelujah!!! I have literally been buzzing with so much energy and restored faith in my body.

I’m not the only one either. If you look on Facebook or Instagram, hundreds of thousands of people have been alleviated and/or greatly relieved of so many illnesses with this protocol – things like depression, anxiety, ADHD, thyroid disorders, SIBO, adrenal fatigue, acne, autoimmune disorders, high blood pressure, candida, Crohn’s, fibromyalgia, IBS, digestive issues, rheumatoid arthritis, and so many more.

Hippocrates said, “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.” I have always believed this, but was clearly missing the critical combination to make everything line up despite all of my schooling, reading, occupation and learning. Of course, this is not a cure all for everyone and I’ve still got that 10% of healing left to do.

Here’s a quick summary of the critical combination/protocol that I did/do.

Drink 18 ounces of fresh, organic, straight celery juice first thing in the morning on an empty stomach 20-30 minutes prior to food. Before you ask, yes, that means nothing but 100% celery juice. Do not dilute it with water, lemon juice, apples, ice, carrot juice, ginger, nothing, nada, zilch. The second biggest question is, “can I juice it the night before or freeze it for convenience?” Sorry, but no. Your juice must be freshly juiced and consumed immediately for optimum effectiveness. As far as taste, omit the leaves and it’s actually pretty good. Start out with 8 oz at first, and eventually work your way up to 18 oz as you discover how your body will react to it.

The celery juice helps to stimulate bile production and aids in eliminating toxins from the body. It balances blood sugar, blood pressure, weight and adrenal function.  It also inhibits the growth of viruses and fungus.

Eliminate the following “virus feeding” foods: gluten, dairy, eggs, corn, canola oil and pork.

I know, what is there left to eat? A LOT, I promise! The Medical Medium’s books and website have plenty of recipes and I post tons of recipes on my Instagram account @Jessicaleighe. Not only have I not felt deprived, but I have even lost a few pounds – BONUS!

Here are my personal tips to help you succeed should you decide to give it a go!

1.) Meal planning. I found one new recipe per week and began incorporating it into my weekly meals.

2.) Make a list. Once you’ve got your recipes for the week, make a list of ingredients you will need before you go to the store. Get only what you need. Nobody wants to be throwing away wilted celery or rotten bananas at the end of the week because you didn’t plan (see step 1).

3.) Batch cooking. I cook my meals on Sunday or Monday for the entire week. This sets me up for success EVERY time! No more getting home wondering what I am going to eat which ultimately leads to eating crap or worse, drive-thru food.

4.) You CAN still eat out. I investigate menus before I go out to restaurants. I also asked for substitutions or eat before I go out and order an appetizer or side instead.

5.) Change your perspective and attitude. When I saw the list of foods I needed to avoid, I thought “what the heck is left!!??” So I changed my focus to what I COULD eat instead of what I couldn’t and the list, to my surprise, was huge… and intriguing. I’ve discovered new vegetables, fruits and recipes. What seemed depressing at first, is now super interesting and fun!

Of course, check with your doctor before you try any new diet or supplements.

Remember, staying dedicated to healing, eating wholesome unprocessed foods and moving your body every day are the true keys to ultimate health.

Want more information? Read one of Anthony Williams books or check out his website

Author’s Note: The author does not receive any remuneration, explicit or implicit, from the Medical Medium. Opinions expressed are based on her own knowledge of health and wellness and her personal experiences.

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Lifestyle Short Inspirational StoryJessica Leigh Ehrlich is a personal trainer from Austin, TX. With over two decades in the industry, she has used her passion for wellness to teach hundreds of people fitness, nutrition, yoga, and pilates. You can catch her meal plans, wellness tips, and daily shenanigans on Instagram @jessicaleighe.

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