By Brittney Wells “Don’t Worry God will take care of it.” Those were the last words my grandfather ever spoke to me. He had rushed across a parking lot after church that Sunday; gently wrapping his arms around me, he spoke those few words I so desperately needed to...

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The Muck and Murk of Grief

By Cathy Knutsen My son has Neurofibromatosis, or NF, a genetic central nervous system disorder in which tumors can form on any nerve of the body. It can cause deformity, learning disabilities, scoliosis, vision disorders, mental disabilities, epilepsy, cardiovascular...

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It Is Well

By Lynette Norris On Wednesday, November 25, 2014, we were completely blindsided by the news that I had Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer with two inoperable tumors in my pelvis.  I won't ever forget telling my daughters this news.  I felt as though I was telling them that I was...

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Heartbeat of Love

By Missy Stagers Life ….the beating heart, the breath we take in, the moment we become aware of living. This is just simply about a sliver in time, when all those things came to one second and decision of whether my daughter was going to take the next step…a heart...

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Slaying Dragons

By Clare Buie Chaney “You need only arm yourself with perseverance, empowering thoughts, loved ones, and laughter and cradle yourself in the love of your God…and oh, what an adventure life will be!” I would like to share the words I have gleaned from others regarding...

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Fate Deals The Hands

By Norma Alford Having survived breast and uterine cancer, I am occasionally asked how I coped. Although it has been almost twenty years since my ordeal began, I still have no definitive answer. I do know that fate sometimes deals us a hand we don't want to play. And...

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New Normal Now

By Christy Shelton We all know that breathing is necessary to living and we all know that we do it almost without thinking. Do you know that we also stop breathing now and again and automatically start to breathe again? For Christy Shelton, breathing became something...

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Sharing The Light

By Julia Benkoski I have been given last rites three times. I’ve been told that I was dying, to get Hospice and go home to die. Total darkness engulfed me like a vast, sucking whirlpool. I was suddenly alone in a room of people. My husband continued to work on his...

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I May Have Lupus, But Lupus Doesn’t Have Me!!!

By Kimberly Burnett "My Faith is my Cure." Today something really interesting happened to me. I went to the mall and two people told me how much they loved my hair. They loved the color and they loved my curls. They said they wished they had hair like mine. My...

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