Piano During The Pandemic

By Mary Groenewoud Hale “Never let the brain idle.  ‘An idle mind is the devil’s workshop.’  And the devil’s name is Alzheimer’s.”                                           -George Carlin   “How will I keep busy during the coronavirus pandemic?” I thought to myself. ...

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More Than I Can Handle

by Staci Bell It has been said many times, to many hurting people, from many well-meaning people, “God won’t give you more than you can handle.”  It has even been quoted as Scripture. It’s not in the Bible. Not even close. When I think about my dad walking home from...

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Did Someone Say New Normal?

by Edie Weinstein Among the terminology added to the vernacular in the past few months in the face of COVID-19, along with ‘flattening the curve,’ ‘social distancing,’ and ‘essential businesses,’ is ‘new normal’.  The first time I heard that phrase was when I was in...

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Making Mental Health Matter

By Kimberly Allen As a new mental health legislative advocate, standing at the podium on the steps of the Texas State Capitol at a televised press conference, Kimberly Allen heard herself say, “I’m Kimberly, and I live with bipolar disorder.” After it concluded, she...

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Finding Your Iron in Unexpected Places

By: Stacy Armijo What did you do for your 40th birthday? Celebrate with family & friends? Take a trip? Mourn the bygone days of your 30s? I had a great 40th birthday, orchestrated by my husband and entailing perfect portions of family time, friend time and me...

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Coronavirus Chaos: Let’s Fly Forward Together

Our hearts go out to all people affected by COVID-19. We send butterfly kisses to those who are diagnosed with the virus, their friends and family, and for all affected by the work and school closings and everyone affected by the economic impact of this crisis. People...

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I Can Drive Without Glasses!

By Verlie Edwards Everyone experiences milestones throughout their lives. My vision provided several of those milestones. I remember being fitted for my first pair of glasses in the sixth grade. Then, in junior high school I tried to wear contact lenses. It would be...

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Perfect Love

By Lucia Hur The story you are about to read is true.  I should know.  I am not only the author, but I am also the mother who has had to endure what no parent should ever have to endure: the report of your child being involved in a horrific car accident, which...

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Strong Woman Hiding

By Terri Ray Going from being a strong woman hiding behind fears to being empowered by grace in strength is like moving from invisible to being transparent. Your fears keep you hidden, but recognition of yourself makes you visible to the world. The subject of this...

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