By:  Cyndie Abshire, niece of Mary Reesby

Aunt Mary, our Matriarch, has seen and experienced an enormous number of changes in the world over the past 100 years. She became an official centenarian on Aug. 3, 2018.

Born in Galveston, the eldest of eight siblings, Aunt Mary worked as a beautician and a florist for many decades.  She married, had two sons, has resided in Galveston County for most of her life and led an independent lifestyle until August 2017.

Her most recent hurdle was during Hurricane Harvey where she lost her home in Dickinson along with all its contents.  But that did not break her spirit; she even has a T-shirt she wears proudly to announce that she is a Hurricane Harvey survivor.

To honor Aunt Mary, my family members invited their friends and extended family members to fill her snail-mail box with birthday cards. So far, she’s received 164 birthday cards. This activity brought her a lot of joy and welcomed attention.  We had a big party for Aunt Mary in the Assisted Living Center where she lives.   Many lifelong friends and family attended and celebrated 100 years of life.

Aunt Mary delights in the retelling of her family history and is proud to be a BOI (Born on the Island).  She has wonderful memories and stories of the island. She is an enthusiastic supporter of the Houston Astros to this day, watching as much as possible.

“As I reminisce about Aunt Mary, the floodgates open with wonderful memories of summer fun, camping adventures, holiday get-togethers, and family stories.  When I’m with her, it feels like somebody spilled a bucket of love and joy all over.  I can only hope to live such a full and happy life as her.  Happy Birthday, Aunt Mary!” Cyndie said.

Cyndie Ray Abshire is originally from Liberty, TX. She spearheaded the campaign to have her friends and family send “Aunt Mary” birthday cards.

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