June 8, 2018

This week’s #butterflykisses segment features Emma J. Bell. She is a dynamic coach, facilitator and speaker who wears many hats. She is also founder of The Global Resilience Project. Her team has discovered the 9 Secrets to Thriving by interviewing 50 extraordinary thrivers from around the world.These 50 Thrivers haven’t just survived – but flourished in the face of terrible adversity like terrorist attacks, loss of a child, amputations and other shocking tragedies.  We plan to share the link to their stories because they all qualify as Iron Butterflies.

In Emma’s Thriver Interview Series she shares the 9 Secrets to Thriving she has learned from all 50 Thrivers.  You may also download her free e-book: https://milnemarketing.leadpages.co/referredfromoutalternate1/

Her first interview is with Kenyatta Leal.  In his short video, he shares his secrets to how he turned his life around while he faced a life prison sentence. We can all learn how to transform our lives when we apply and visualize some of Kenyatta’s strategies.

Check out: https://emmajbell.com/

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