Today’s #butterflykisses is Emma’s interview with Lee Davidson.  From the age of six, Lee was exposed to drugs in her family. At eight, she skipped school to take care of her brothers because of the drugs, guns and violence in her family. This soft spoken thriver also endured physical, emotional and sexual violence and learned that, in her family, abuse was “normal.” At 15 she ran away and was homeless because that felt safer for her than being at home.  At 16, social services found her a family that cared for her and loved her.

Lee’s definition of thriving is “no matter your flaws, you are enough, just as you are.”  Her strategies include accepting herself and employing strategies of self-love.  She has learned how to practice mindfulness so she can live in the moment to calm and ground herself.

Click here to listen to Emma’s 8-minute interview with Lee.



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