Emma J. Bell/Kia Scherr

Today’s #butterflykisses is Emma’s interview with Kia Scherr. Kia was visiting Florida when she heard on the horrific news that her husband and 13-year old daughter, who were in India, were attacked and gunned down by terrorists in Mumbai. When a journalist asked her what was on her mind right now, she said she wasn’t thinking, she was feeling.  And, while she was experiencing the deepest pain she had ever felt, she also felt an overwhelming outpouring of love.

Then, she silenced the crowd when she said, she saw images of the lone surviving terrorist and immediately thought, “forgive them for they know not what they do.” She felt love was lacking because love never dies. She believes it is love that drives us and enables us to thrive.

Take a few minutes to hear Kia share how she keeps her heart open and makes a decision every day to love.


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