Soulful child by Chloe Gallaway

All six children in Chloe Gallaway’s family were raised in the wilderness, literally.  She entered the world when she was 12 after her brother died in an accident.  The grief turned into a breaking point and she forced her mother to leave the mountain.  All the children lived in foster care but they made a pact to stay together.  After being separated for a while, one woman took all five of them.  Chloe had to learn to adapt to live with people and go to school with children who were very different from her.  She was bullied and it was very dramatic.

When they lived on the mountain everything was based on seasons, light and dark, and rhythm of nature.  So when she entered society she didn’t have the same experience, it was much more chaotic for her.

Chloe defines thriving as the point when you start to fully understand yourself and your story and that your story matters.  You know why it’s important.  She also believes “it’s more than about you.” For her, thriving is the point of understanding.

Chloe found two resilience strategies: “Mindfulness wherever we are, and perspective.” She writes and helps others write their stories so everyone can have insight into what is going on. It can be writing, medication, yoga, walking alone, connection to the body, outside of the thoughts creating perspective.  When she is looking for insight to her perspective she asks the question, “how is that serving me?”  She believes a Mindfulness Moment can happen even in chaos by stopping and observing what is around her. She encourages us to sit inside the stillness.

Here’s the link to Emma’s short interview with Chloe.

Her book is called Soulful Child is receiving rave reviews.  And, click on 9 Secrets To Thriving to gain access to Emma’s free e-book.


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