Daily Checklist Iron Butterflies Project

This is a list of ideas to considering doing regularly while you are sheltering in place.  Many of these ideas came from your postings. Let us know how they work for you.

  1. Make your bed – check out Admiral Bill McRaven’s speech on the value of making your bed every day.


  1. Get dressed. Sounds silly but sometimes putting on clean clothes and dressing for yourself can brighten your spirits


  1. Walk 15-20 minutes a day – check out our article on the value of walking. https://www.ironbutterfliesproject.com/solvitur-ambulando-it-is-solved-by-walking/


  1. Stretch, drink water and live stream an exercise, yoga, Pilates, Zumba and/or training class.


  1. Write someone a card in your own handwriting. If you are crafty, make one for them.


  1. Call a friend you haven’t talked to in a while.


  1. Read something meaningful, interesting or entertaining for 15-20 minutes a day.


  1. Stop and sit alone, taking deep, slow breaths for a few minutes. Start with one minute and see if you like it.  If so, keep going.


  1. Clear out one drawer. Trash, toss or keep. Clean out the drawer and put everything you want to keep back in it.


  1. Do something you love to do that you have not had time to do.Imagination and creativity can be a very healing experience.


  1. Do not judge yourself.


  1. Decide how much news you want to take in every day. Experts are suggesting we limit the amount of news we are absorbing every day.


  1. Take a minute to reflect on your blessings.


  1. Cook a holiday meal even if it’s not the holiday. I’ve heard of several people who are preparing Thanksgiving meals and enjoying leftovers for days.


  1. Design a Door Dash. Cook a double recipe of soup or other comfort food and share half with a friend. Drop it off at their Door and Dash.


  1. Try a new bottle of wine (not suggesting you drink a whole bottle every day, but might want to try a new one)


  1. Making dinner and watching television with your spouse.


  1. Do a puzzle.


  1. Take a staycation and sleep in another room.


  1. Create a journal of your feelings. Even a sentence a day can be a record and give you a chance to check in with yourself.


  1. Have a dance party, with friends (virtual platform) or alone.


  1. Play a virtual game with friends.


  1. Take a photo of something beautiful every day.


  1. Give a little extra. Check out our story on Lagniappe. https://www.ironbutterfliesproject.com/lagniappe/


  1. Check out our original list of 50 things to do. https://www.ironbutterfliesproject.com/coronavirus-chaos-lets-fly-forward-together/






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