Butterfly Logo Story

By Shelley Anne Friend

Mother’s Day weekend is my favorite holiday of the year. Over the past few years we have left for a week-long business trip on Mother’s Day. So, I’ve celebrated with my daughters the Saturday before Mother’s Day.  It’s always very special and is my favorite day of the year.  They plan activities but most of all I get to be with them the entire day. Since quality time is my love language, I treasure every moment with them, their husbands, and our precious grandson. This year was no different, I felt pampered, loved and adored.

However, this year WAS different in a very special way.  When I got home I got a text from my newest son-in-love, Luis, who had “one last little gift,” for me.  He said he wanted to help me develop and create our logo for Iron Butterflies Project.  He facilitated, subsidized, analyzed, supervised, and, with the help of a logo designer across the world, created our logo.

Logo design is a complex as well as creative process. I learned so much. We texted and emailed dozens of options. We spent hours looking at pictures of butterflies.

As you know, butterflies come in all colors so we had a world of choices. We finally decided on jewel colors that were fresh and bright.  The design of the wings on the logo, obviously, is of faces. They are facing inward as if they are reflective, like we are, when we are thinking, praying, meditating, learning and growing.

You might think the caterpillar would be an easy design choice.  We labored over the size and shape of it and settled on what looks like a pen. Since this is a writing project, the caterpillar in the logo, represents the, literal, writing by our story tellers. Finally, we analyzed fonts for weeks, and the choices were vast. We settled on a font that looked like it was flowing or flying.

Orchestrating this project with two very talented, loving and creative friends, Kathy and Verlie, and working so closely with Luis on the logo, reminded me of something very important. We are all flying forward together.

Luis Salcedo is an Honors Graduate and double major in Spanish and Finance from the University of Texas at Austin. He married his college sweetheart Caroline, and they have a five-year old Maltese named Mia. Luis lives in San Antonio and enjoys watching football, traveling and time with family and friends.

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