Let’s recognize the people and organizations that are making a difference in the lives of others by doing extraordinary work.

Our new periodic feature, called #butterflykisses, is dedicated to honoring the extraordinary iron butterflies flying around us. People all over the world are researching, writing, interviewing, podcasting and sharing poignant stories about fascinating people who are surviving and thriving after facing significant challenges. We want to acknowledge their work in Iron Butterflies Project.

We promise to curate the sources we believe will provide you with the most valuable resources to help us all #flyforwardtogether.

ATX Good News

ATX Good News With Judy Maggio and Leslie Rhode Today, at Iron Butterflies Project, we honor the work of Austin journalists Judy Maggio and Leslie Rhode with our #ButterflyKisses. These veteran television anchors have created a new “storytelling adventure” called ATX...

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Butterflies in the Garden

 By Verlie Edwards Although we are still in the throes of Winter 2022 (North Texas recently survived a three-day ice/snow event in February 2022), I am looking forward to Spring. Just as a butterfly goes through a metamorphosis, I believe that we do something similar...

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Alfa and Beto the Biblioburros

Luis Soriano, a teacher in the small town of La Gloria, Colombia, has spent over twenty years bringing books to children of the rural communities on the back of his donkeys. Instead of carrying water, the donkeys learned how to carry books to share the love of reading...

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Center for Transforming Lives #ButterflyKisses

#ButterflyKisses Center for Transforming Lives For more than 100 years, the Center for Transforming Lives has served women and children experiencing poverty and homelessness in Tarrant County, TX. In 1907, it was formed as the first YWCA in Texas. In 2015, the...

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Multicultural Refugee Coalition

Multicultural Refugee Coalition #ButterflyKisses Today’s #ButterflyKisses story honors the work of the Multicultural Refugee Coalition (MRC) in Austin, TX. The mission of MRC is to create livelihood opportunities for refugees resettled to Austin, TX, through...

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Mariposa Flies Forward With New Family

The word Mariposa means butterfly in Spanish, so it's the perfect name for the newest mascot for Iron Butterflies Project. Mari, who is partially blind, was about nine years old when her human mother died. Her grief-stricken father couldn’t keep her and she couldn’t...

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#Butterfly Kisses: The Big Pink Bus

This week we give our #ButterflyKisses to The Big Pink Bus, because of the vital mobile mammography services they provide to communities across Texas. Imagine this. Your neighbor tells you that she has never had a mammogram, but can’t afford it because of her current...

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#ButterflyKisses Carrying To Term

Carrying To Term is dedicated to providing non-directive information on pregnancy continuation for prenatal diagnoses of life-limiting conditions. By broadening access to evidence-based resources and compassionate logistical and emotional support, we empower women and...

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#ButterflyKisses: Family Connects Texas

People all over the world are working to change lives every day. Iron Butterflies Project loves to honor organizations that make a significant difference by doing important and vital work to help people #flyforwardtogether.  We want to dedicate this #ButterflyKisses...

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Austin Center for Grief and Loss

Today, we honor the work of Austin Center for Grief and Loss. They provide both individual and group counseling, support groups and workshops. They also have peer support groups where members who have experienced losses share their grief journey and offer strategies...

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Born An Iron Butterfly: The Trevor Noah Experience

By Shelley Friend Trevor Noah, host of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show (TDS), was, literally, born a crime. His existence was illegal in South Africa in 1984 because of apartheid. His mother is South African and his father is German. When you read his book...

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Emma J. Bell/Eric Hogdon

Today’s #butterflykisses is Emma’s interview with Eric Hogdon. Eric's 15-year old daughter Zoi, committed suicide in 2014.  Keeping her memory alive by sharing her story fills him with warmth because he knows she’s always a part of their lives and hearts forever....

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Emma J. Bell/Joseph Oubelkas

Emma J. Bell/Joseph Oubelkas Today’s #butterflykisses is Emma’s interview with Joseph O.  He says he had a great youth and got his degree and started his own IT company by the age of 20.  By 24, he was working successfully for a client in Morocco, which was the land...

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Emma J. Bell/Kia Scherr

Emma J. Bell/Kia Scherr Today’s #butterflykisses is Emma’s interview with Kia Scherr. Kia was visiting Florida when she heard on the horrific news that her husband and 13-year old daughter, who were in India, were attacked and gunned down by terrorists in Mumbai. When...

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Emma J. Bell/Lee Davidson

Today’s #butterflykisses is Emma’s interview with Lee Davidson.  From the age of six, Lee was exposed to drugs in her family. At eight, she skipped school to take care of her brothers because of the drugs, guns and violence in her family. This soft spoken thriver also...

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Emma J. Bell/Danielle Justus

Today’s #butterflykisses is Emma J. Bell’s interview with Danielle Justice.  In her 7-minute interview, Danielle shares how she worked through the guilt and shame of being molested by her uncle.  She distinguishes herself as living two lives: before forgiveness and...

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FaithWorks of Abilene

FaithWorks of Abilene believes "it's never too late to become what you might have been." FaithWorks formed in the mind and heart of Joyce Dalzell many years before her first class in 2003.  She realized while she was volunteering at a local food pantry that people...

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Emma J. Bell/Madeleine Black

Emma's interview with Madeleine Black teaches us more about thriving in her series of examining #50Thrivers.  Madeleine faces the horrors of being gang raped when she was 13-years old.  She shares how she learned to forgive the men who raped her and herself.  She...

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Emma J. Bell/Chloe Gallaway

Soulful child by Chloe Gallaway All six children in Chloe Gallaway’s family were raised in the wilderness, literally.  She entered the world when she was 12 after her brother died in an accident.  The grief turned into a breaking point and she forced her mother to...

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Joshua’s Stage Podcast

Joshua Levy, of Austin, TX had a brainstorm.  He created Joshua’s Stage, which is the premiere performance center for children ages 3 to 18 and adults with a wide range of special needs; featuring classes, workshops, camps, performances, and exhibits in theatre arts,...

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FaithWorks of Abilene Podcast

FaithWorks formed in the mind and heart of Joyce Dalzell several years before the first class began in 2003. It was while she was volunteering at a local food pantry that she realized that the people being served "just have never learned the skills they need to find a...

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Trevor Noah Foundation

“The higher the level of education, the higher chance the youth have of creating a future for themselves and collectively, a better South Africa.”  - Trevor Noah Trevor Noah is a comedian, writer and television producer from South Africa.  He hosts The Daily Show with...

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Emma J. Bell/John Andrews

Emma's interview with John Andrews will touch your soul.  In his video, he tells of how, as a young man, he was living a double life as he explored his sexuality.  He shares his story about his relationships and losing three partners. He shares intimately about living...

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Looking for the extraordinary!

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