By Kathy Strain

If I ever doubt that our “Iron Butterflies Project” isn’t important, I am reminded of its importance as I see the beautiful butterflies all around. I was working on editing some videos for the website and I had forgotten how to do it. I had learned at the Apple Store the week before and even took notes. But, in my true form, I didn’t even understand what I meant by what I wrote down. I was getting very frustrated with myself for being so forgetful and I wanted to quit! I decided I needed a break and I went into the kitchen to gather trash and put it outside.

When I walked outside by our trash cans, I couldn’t believe what I saw. It was a huge, beautiful butterfly with about a six-inch wing span and it fluttered past me and up into the sky. It was a beautiful shade of yellow and it was just so graceful and calm as it flew away.

I immediately got goosebumps and realized again the importance of our project. When I went back inside and sat down at the computer, somehow, I remembered how to do the editing and I completed the project. I love how we are reminded daily that we can do things that seem difficult if we can just refocus and take deep breaths. I know I need to step outside more and see the beauty and let the butterflies everywhere keep me focused.

Born and raised in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Kathy loves writing and connecting with others through writing. It is through other Iron Butterflies that Kathy gets her strength every day.

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