By Ruth Anne Wood

Do you love your local library? As an avid reader, independent book editor, publisher and former show host of “Live Your Peace” that featured close to 160 authors and storytellers, I love reading and hearing people’s stories. I feel so inspired I connected with Shelley and her Iron Butterflies Project after watching Trevor Noah’s inspiring interview.

With a background in Acupressure Massage since high school, I’ve heard the most awe-inspiring stories on and off the massage table. Back in the late 1990’s I decided I either want to help clients tell their stories or help eliminate the aches and pains in their life using writing, oriental medicine and theater to have more positive, uplifting life stories and conversations.

Voila, Scripting For Success was born. Writing down my ideal situation as if it already happened, and using this as my decision-making guide/blueprint, has helped myself and clients quickly identify winning opportunities. We do not waste time on costly distractions with the wrong people or projects that clash with the prewritten Success Scripts. I begin the decision making process of writing my happily-ever-after success story with a Circle Map. Get your free template here.

Have you ever walked along the library wall of audiobooks and asked, “Who would love to come home with me?” That’s what I did September 2018.

I closed my eyes and set a silent intention that I wanted to listen to someone inspirational. Two books immediately caught my eye; My Life on the Road by Gloria Steinem and In Such Good Company by Carol Burnett. While listening to these two women’s adventures including the pioneering comic who had her own Carol Burnett Show creating weekly Broadway-style comedy each week for seven years. The other biography was by one of the founders of Ms magazine, Gloria Steinem, who leads women empowerment/ leadership talking circles in small villages and large conferences all around the world… I immediately wrote in my Google Calendar, “I want to be like these women doing theater and empowering women around the world.”

A couple of weeks later my wish was granted when I got a life change email, which I almost ignored. It was from Danielle Hampson, of World Academy Radio, (the woman who interviewed me and Stash Serafin a decade earlier about my second co-authored book, You Can’t Get It ‘Cause You’ve Already Got It; A blind figure skater and visionary writer’s inspirational guide to moving through life.) The email was inviting me to be a facilitator in China to lead leadership training and women’s coaching circles in Hunan China!

Thanks to a US State Department grant they paid for my flights and the university put me up in a nice-sized apartment. All I had to do in addition to teaching Module 3 of The World Academy For The Future Of Women curriculum to mostly female university students five days a week 2-5 hours a day, I needed to go off-campus and lecture and teach something about American culture, through Give Women A Voice Through The Arts grant, in small villages, classrooms, factory learning centers and on stage where renowned bestselling Chinese authors spoke.

For the grant, I got the idea to lecture on the 100-year history of comedy in the United States with improv comedy games that would appeal to my audience that ranged from preschool to grandparents. I couldn’t believe that in less than a month after reading these two inspirational biographies and writing my intention/success script, I was following in Gloria and Carol’s footsteps. I couldn’t have planned for/ scripted this all-expense paid for adventure of leaving the confines of my little massage room and teaching university students how to be the next generation of leaders any better!

Ruth Anne Wood, Scripting For Success

Described as “The Writer Of Our Lives”, “Ruth The Poet”, “Renaissance Woman”, Ruth Anne Wood is a happily married, world traveler, wellness practitioner, produced original playwright, exhibited artist, published best-selling author, workshop facilitator and lecturer of “How To Get Your Dreams Out Of The Drawer”, “Transform Debt Into Abundance: Through Forgiveness, Mental Tithing And Meditation” and “Turn Adversities Into Adventures”. She founded the leadership training and mentoring business, Scripting For Success on the principle that when you change the stories you tell yourself, you change your world”.



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