Today, we honor the work of Austin Center for Grief and Loss. They provide both individual and group counseling, support groups and workshops. They also have peer support groups where members who have experienced losses share their grief journey and offer strategies for healing.

Austin Grief is taking immediate action to broadly expand our mental health services via telehealth to meet the needs of people suffering extreme stress, anxiety, and other mental health impacts due to COVID 19.  People are experiencing loss of health, jobs, community, and any sense of security.  Austin Grief is here to meet those needs. We have gone entirely to telehealth services during this pandemic, and are already providing therapy to people in need. We now offer individual therapy and group therapy sessions via telehealth platforms.  We anticipate establishing additional support groups to meet the anticipated greater need for mental health services due to COVID 19.

Tel: 512.472.7878

Email: [email protected]

2413 Greenlawn Pkwy., Austin, TX 78757

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