ATX Good News With Judy Maggio and Leslie Rhode

Today, at Iron Butterflies Project, we honor the work of Austin journalists Judy Maggio and Leslie Rhode with our #ButterflyKisses. These veteran television anchors have created a new “storytelling adventure” called ATX Good News. It is designed to “celebrate the best of humanity in the Austin area.” They hope to connect people through their inspirational stories.

ATX Good News is a “team effort.” For decades Judy and Leslie have been telling stories and wanted to continue doing that in a positive way. As always, they will “shine a light on necessary stories to help their audience make decisions about their lives.” Now, they want to share stories “that make our hearts sing.” Through their Facebook group and Instagram page, Judy and Leslie share interesting and profoundly motivational and inspirational stories with their thousands of followers.

ATX Good News features stories Leslie and Judy learn about through their civic engagement with local organizations, friends and followers. As professional journalists, they seek out “do-gooders in the community.” They also receive emails from readers who share their own inspirations.

In one case, they shared a story about an 18-year-old Texan studying in a Berlin language school. He noticed when refugees of the Ukrainian war got off the train in Berlin, they had nothing to eat. So, he decided to greet them with Texas tacos. He shared a Texas tradition and welcomed them to their new home.

For decades, Judy and Leslie focused on “hard news” which meant they examined difficult issues. According to Maggio, “hard news is important but we didn’t have enough time or space to include heartwarming human interest stories.” They presented issues around COVID, polarization in our community and explored a constant stream of disasters, which they believed were important but left the audience feeling heavy.

Maggio noted “mental health experts say too much hard news can lead to anxiety and depression.” ATX Good News is not an alternative to hard news, it is an addition to hard news.

She added “we notice simple, good things” in neighborhoods and in the community. By starting ATX Good News, Judy and Leslie can share these powerful stories with their followers.

Their focus is “purely local” to central Texas. They want their audience to become a “Good News Team” to “lift some spirits.”

Check out the ATX Good News Facebook page:

And their Instagram:

If you live in the Austin area and have ideas for stories you’d like them to consider, you can email them at: [email protected].

Check out Judy and Leslie’s websites:

We know ATX Good News will explode because of the power and professionalism of Judy Maggio and Leslie Rhode. Congratulations on being chosen as one of our #ButterflyKisses organizations.

Let’s fly forward with Judy Maggio and Leslie Rhode as they continue to keep the greater Austin area informed about inspirational people making extraordinary contributions in the greater Austin community.

Special thanks to Marianne Rochelle for introducing us to ATX Good News.

For 40 years, Judy Maggio has been a sought-after storyteller, communicator, moderator and broadcaster in Central Texas. Since stepping down from the anchor desk, she continues to pursue those passions through Judy Maggio Media. In her four decades as a journalist and broadcaster in Austin, Judy has built her brand on trust, accuracy and service to the community.

Leslie Rhode is an award-winning television journalist with a career spanning more than 20 years in Washington, D.C., Texas and Arkansas.She has been a lead anchor and reporter covering stories of national consequence and local economic impact. Along the way, Leslie interviewed top political leaders including a United States President, Fortune 500 business leaders and Hollywood celebrities on the red carpet at the Oscars.

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