By Evette Nowicki

I was driving alone (with our dog Coco) from Florida to Oklahoma. I knew I would need to stop for gas shortly after my trip started, but I like to stop a lot, stretch my back and take the dog for a walk.

About an hour and a half from our house, my navigation system in my car said “your gas is running low, would you like me to find a gas station?” I said yes, and chose the one that I wanted to go to. Then a friend called and I was talking, and realized that the navigation system had never directed me to get off and get gas. I looked at my gas gauge and it said SEVEN miles to empty.

I quickly did a gas station search and it said the closest one was 33 miles away. There was a rest stop in one mile, so I pulled off there. It was very beautiful, a national forest, and I figured it was better to wait there for my Roadside Assist than on the side of the interstate. I called, and they said it would be three hours or more until someone could bring me some gas.

It was a very busy rest stop, and being in the deep south, there were a lot of pickup trucks. I figured that surely someone had a gas can in the bed of their truck with some gas in it that I could buy. I asked three or four people, and everyone said, “no, sorry honey, good luck.”

I then saw a man in an older pickup truck that was pretty customized, and he was dressed in a beautifully fitted heather gray 3-piece suit, and a crisp white shirt and very nice shoes. When I saw him getting his pickup, I asked him the same question, and he looked at me and said “did you run out of gas?” I told him not yet, and he offered to go to the next exit and buy gas.

I told him it was 33 miles away, and he said that he had plenty of time. I also told him I didn’t have a gas can, and he said he would get one. He was back in less than an hour.

As he got out, I saw that he had a 5-gallon can he said he stopped at three places because he didn’t want to get a one or two-gallon can in case it didn’t get me far enough. I told him that he was dressed very nicely and I did not want him to get gas on his clothes, but he would not let me put the gas in my car. He said it was too heavy.

I said again that I didn’t want him to get gas on his nice shoes. He told me then that he had been coming from a very special occasion that morning. He asked me to guess what it might be. It was Friday morning at about 10:30 AM, and I was stumped. I guessed that it might be a wedding or a baptism but I didn’t think that either of those were correct.

He then looked at me with a very large smile and said, “today I became a US citizen.” His eyes welled up with tears, and I started crying too. I asked where he had come from, and he started to say ‘I am from Honduras,’ but then he stopped himself, and he said “today I am an American.”

He went on to tell me that he had arrived nine years earlier with three dollars in his pocket and not wearing any shoes. He only had the clothes on his back. He said that since being in this country, so many people had helped him whom he had never been able to repay. You won’t be surprised to know that he wouldn’t take any money for the gas that he drove to buy me.

He told me that this country has been so good to him, that all he tries to do now every day is bless people who need his help. I told him that I was sure that he was a guardian angel, and was taking care of me. He told me that I was being kind.  Quite ironic really!

I thought you might like a little good news about humanity today. This won’t be on the headlines of any news channel. But it sure should be!

My name is Evette Nowicki, and my priorities in my life are my faith in my family. My husband and I have been married for 28 years, and we have two adult sons ages 27 and 24. I work as a high school math teacher at an online school.

After my husband had a near death experience three years ago, we have accelerated our priorities and bought a ranch that we are turning into a retreat center. We pray that it will be a place of rejuvenation and respite for those who desire to be silent. We continually watch and marvel at God’s daily miracles in our lives, and we try not to miss any of them!

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