Luis Soriano, a teacher in the small town of La Gloria, Colombia, has spent over twenty years bringing books to children of the rural communities on the back of his donkeys. Instead of carrying water, the donkeys learned how to carry books to share the love of reading with children.

BBC Article

According to Judy Ortiz, originally from Colombia, “I am so touched by his amazing story and video about the “Biblioburro”! It brought tears to my eyes! I’m in awe of this teacher and his volunteer work/ library mission. I hadn’t heard of this story before. But I know that the kids’ educational needs in rural Colombia are big. This teacher’s creative way to reach these kids is unbelievable! Besides, it’s hard work- imagine riding a donkey for hours- but he does it with conviction, love and dedication. It’s so admirable!

Personally, as a teacher, book lover and reading enthusiast I’m so grateful to this teacher! He brings the kids so much good and joy with his books, lessons and talks.  Their lives and future will be a lot better thanks to this special teacher. He’s a great role model!” Reread Judy and Alfonso’s Iron Butterflies Project story here:

Video With subtitles


Spanish Language Video

Reading children’s book in Spanish


Reading children’s book in English



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