Denise Barkis Richter is a tenured professor of Journalism/Mass Communication at Palo Alto College in San Antonio, Texas. She received her Ph.D. in Journalism from The University of Texas at Austin in 1998, her M.A. in Communication Arts from The University of the Incarnate Word in 1990, and her B.A. in Journalism, Radio, and Television from Trinity University in 1983. Before teaching full-time, Richter worked as a writer/field producer for PBS, a public relations and fund-raising professional for the Santa Rosa Children’s Hospital, and a documentary film screenwriter. Richter has lived and studied in Mexico, Spain, and Guatemala, and she has traveled extensively throughout Europe, Mexico, and Costa Rica. Her book, “100 Things To Do in San Antonio Before You Die (Second Edition),” was published by Reedy Press in 2019, the same year she became a Certified Professional Tour Guide.


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