Shelley Friend and a former student noticed there were beautiful people surrounding them who had important stories to tell. The stories were about struggles, crises, trials, tests, or challenges. The ending of every story had the same theme; they were better or stronger or more determined because of their experiences. They had the idea to share short inspirational stories with the goal of helping others who may be facing challenges in their lives. That is how Iron Butterflies Project began. Soon after, Shelley contacted her long-time friend, Verlie Edwards, who agreed to help with writing, editing and interviewing Iron Butterflies. Together, Shelley and Verlie have created an organization that is truly a “passion project.”

IRON BUTTERFLIES PROJECT is a multi-faceted project created as a forum to share inspirational stories of growth, transformation, and strength that encourages others to survive, thrive and become resilient. The purpose is neither educational or for entertainment purposes.  This project is neither a “for-profit,” or “non-profit” organization.  It is self-funded for the sole purpose of inspiring others.

Iron Butterflies Project Website is dedicated to sharing stories, images, quotes, music, film, books, recipes, theater and art about people who have had struggles in their lives and how they overcame them. The emphasis of the information in the website is on surviving, thriving and resiliency.

Iron Butterflies Project Private Facebook Group is designed to create a community of survivors who support each other through inspirational quotes, images, music, film, theater, art and discussions.

Iron Butterflies Project Instagram Page emphasizes inspirational pictures, books, people, quotes and interesting observations about surviving, thriving and resiliency.

Iron Butterflies Project Twitter shares inspirational quotes and links to other words of inspiration on surviving, thriving and resiliency.

Iron Butterflies Project Youtube Channel showcases short interviews and introductions to a some of our Iron Butterflies.

This website is dedicated to all of us in this vast world who have had struggles in our lives and how we overcame them. Just like a butterfly emerges from its cocoon with wings to soar, so do many of us who have struggled. We believe that everyone is an Iron Butterfly waiting to share their stories of what gave them their wings.

We invite everyone who wants to feel empowered in their own personal journey to read the inspiring stories of those who may have walked in your shoes.

Are You an Iron Butterfly?

Whether you already have wings or are just starting your journey join us!

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