Michael Blair  #ButterflyKisses

Today’s #ButterflyKisses story honors the work of Michael Blair, of Austin, TX. He worked as a writer and director in advertising for over 50 years. Recently, he has written over 800 poems to “lift people’s spirits.”

Since August 2, 2020, Michael has written a new poem every day. He decided that he could make a positive impact on people’s lives during COVID.

His poetry has changed over time. It began about COVID survival and has evolved to featuring messages about spirituality and nature, trees, earth. His poems encourage people to get out and experience and explore what the earth has to offer.

Michael has received positive feedback on his poetry and has increased his following every day. Since his Facebook page is open to the public, you can share with your friends and family.

Now you can start your day by reading Michael’s new poems posted on his Facebook Page. Every day he writes a new poem and posts it with an image to share with the world.

It’s not a blog but is an open page so you can request to be friends with Michael and once he accepts you, the poems are available for you and your friends and family.

Michael will release a book of 150 poems in the spring of 2023. It is called Arrangement of Words: Poems in the Time of COVID. We will post information when his book is published.

Join us in honoring the work of Michael Blair with our #ButterflyKisses.


Here’s Michael’s New Year’s Day poem.


The new year is a blank book

There is nothing written there

A story waiting calmly to unfold

The words are all at hand

For us to assemble and to share

Perhaps a gentler story will be told

We hope the cast of characters

Who show up in our book

Will play their parts

All thoughtful, fair and kind

And this time next year

When we read

The story that we wrote

May ‘23 lay gentle on our mind

Happy New Year dear friends

*Many thanks to Marianne Rochelle for introducing us to Michael Blair.

I am a writer by trade. For over 50 years I worked in advertising creating ads and television commercials for some of the largest companies in America: Walmart, Southwest Airlines, Coors, Coca-Cola, Seaworld, Chilis Restaurants, Popeyes, John Deere, and many others.
For the last 35 years of my career I was with GSD&M Advertising in Austin as Executive VP Senior Creative Director. Among my many clients there I created work for Texas Tourism, the Texas Lottery and I created most of the commercials for the Don’t Mess with Texas campaign, the most successful anti-litter campaign in history. 
I’ve been retired for 6 years and to continue to exercise my creativity, I began writing poetry  three years ago and posting them on Facebook,  as a way to stem the boredom of Covid and to lift spirits.  It has been a daily exercise and I’m approaching 800 poems. My first book of poetry is with a printer.

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