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Chelsea Reidland

“We have six kids and sponsor a girl in Ethiopia that we go see at least once a year. The first date I had with my husband I told him, “I want to adopt one day, I want to be a stay-at-home mom when my kids are little and I don’t iron. It makes me hot and sweaty and I just don’t like it. If he was ok with those three things, we could continue, but if his hope was to have a two-income family, with one or two kids, we should probably just remain friends. No judgment, just not the guy for me. We both agreed that it was unacceptable to us that there are kids that don’t have a family. We knew one day that we would foster or adopt.”

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Bullying Short Inspiring Story
Bullying Short Inspiring Story


Today, we honor the work of the Smile Network International. Since 2003, Smile Network has performed thousands of surgeries in 13 countries on five continents. Their staff, volunteers, donors and supporters are passionate about giving their time, talent and resources to help improve the lives of others across the globe. Check out this video to see the impressive work they do all over the world.

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