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Featured Iron Butterflies:         Judy Maggio and Leslie Rhode


Today, at Iron Butterflies Project, we honor the work of Austin journalists Judy Maggio and Leslie Rhode with our #ButterflyKisses. These veteran television anchors have created a new “storytelling adventure” called ATX Good News. It is designed to “celebrate the best of humanity in the Austin area.” They hope to connect people together through their inspirational stories.

ATX Good News is a “team effort.” For decades Judy and Leslie have been telling stories and wanted to continue doing that in a positive way. As always, they will “shine a light on necessary stories for their audience to make decisions about their lives.” Now, they want to share stories “that make our hearts sing.”

Let’s keep flying forward together with Judy and Leslie!

Take a minute to brighten your day by reading how Judy and Leslie feature inspirational stories in central Texas through ATX Good News.

*Iron Butterflies Project is not affiliated with any product or company. Our passion project provides inspirational stories by our readers, for our readers. We receive no endorsement or remuneration in any way. 

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