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Featured Iron Butterflies: Judy and Alfonso

Leaving one’s comfort zone is never easy. Trying something new and different forces us to be stronger and to see the world through new eyes. This was something that Alfonso and Judy Ortiz learned early in their married lives. Both grew up in Colombia. Both came from families that encouraged education and working hard to succeed. The decision to come to the United States to study would not be an easy one for them…

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 Today’s #butterflykisses honors the work of FaithWorks of Abilene. They have been inspiring Iron Butterflies for almost 15 years. FaithWorks of Abilene believes “it’s never too late to become what you might have been.”

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Treasures and Tidbits - Mise En Place: Everything in its place

What a concept, to have everything in its place.  I took an online cooking class two years ago and learned the culinary term “Mise en Place,” which is the French term for putting everything in place. If you ever watch any cooking shows, the chef has staff, I’m sure, putting each pinch of salt and pepper, each chopped clove of garlic, each tablespoon of spice or herbs in different little cups ready for the recipe.  They are always arranged so beautifully by the time the chef arrives on the set.  How does that relate to Iron Butterflies Project?…

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