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Featured Iron Butterfly: Brigette.

It was Friday night, my friend had convinced me there was a “great” party we needed to check out, in a neighborhood near ours. Our usual drill was sneaking out her bedroom window, either walking somewhere to attend a “great” party, or sneaking her mother’s Pontiac La Mans. We would place it in neutral, pushing it out of the oyster shell driveway, and starting the car when we got it into the street. This was not something I wanted to do, but it was something I had to do, otherwise I would not be a good friend or at least I saw it that way. Growing up long before I should have, whether it was forced upon me or I managed to bring it upon myself, taught me the importance of individual strength….

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Treasures and Tidbits - Happy Spring

By Marianna Dydek Waite


Spring begins
Another year as life supposes
Where seeds emerge from depth
and shallow
Breaking open to come alive
The nurtured ones surely crest
the soils embrace
Taking happy breathes as life
renews its pace

For you and for me new
creatures sure as we
Continue to grow with zeal and
Rapid ways of waters flow
With loving messages carried as
we go
Somewhat fast and somewhat
Together reaching deeps to tides

Come up, come up, and see
what’s new
This happy Spring with gifts so
That we may touch and know
them dear
Taken in by their beauty and

The ways of life must heal the
Transformed by light, there’s
nothing cold
Stand firm reaching beyond
what’s seen
For she and he, no matter what
the outcome be

The lark is sure, the sparrow
Creating families, singing along
the wind
Giving more from heart it seems
Can’t help to open it to sing

The rose, the rose how precious
Blooming for butterflies and
Sweet taste of nectar that
Given and nourished by nature’s
lasting truths

Branching of tress’ new
Fields scattered sunflowers’
Scents of calming lavenders
You see, nothing can stop our

Embracing Earth’s kiss, live and
live more each day
Creating the journey, along the
Keep the jump in your step,
passion, and peace
Remembering to love your best,
Spring, resembles nothing less!


Let’s celebrate spring with Marianna and Fly Forward Together.

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