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When I was a teen, grounding was a punishment for missing curfew or talking back to my parents. They said it wasn’t a punishment, more of a consequence, a chance for me to take a break and “think” about my choices.

From one perspective my parents were right, grounding is a time for people to take a break from their activities. In much the same way, the current literature on “grounding,” (also known as earthing) shows a trend in healing practices worth considering….

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Tidbits and Treasures - SXSW: More than Entertainment

By Kathy Strain

SXSW is more than entertainment.  Austin, Texas is still in the recovery mode from the annual South By Southwest (SXSW) invasion. People came from all over the world to enjoy music, movies, technology, and gaming. I was one of the estimated 300,000 attendees. I learned from the panels and sessions offered, soaked in many performances and watched new movies. But, from all of that, my biggest take-away has been this: SXSW isn’t about any of that.

It’s seeing the connections people make with each other. At SXSW, age, wealth, and fame all go away. You may sit next to someone who is the CEO of a large company at one event and at the next event sit next to someone who is a stay-at-home dad. It doesn’t matter…we all become equal. No one cares about money or status in life. Everyone cares about the fun to be had and the friendships to forge for a lifetime. Very few events draw such a varied group of people from all walks of life. For a few weeks every year, SXSW is all that matters. Enjoy the images of the SXSW and of me with Clarence Collins, Founder of Little Anthony and the Imperials.

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