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Featured Iron Butterfly: Tracy Jones Blair

Born with a bilateral, sensory-neural and conductive hearing loss, Tracy relied on auditory training combined with visual cues and speechreading to help her to “hear” all her life. She was very successful in school and in her career and most people didn’t know she had hearing loss.

Reeling from a series of hurtful and tragic losses over a period of five years, Tracy Jones Blair was absolutely devastated to learn, in 2012, that the ringing in her ear was declining hearing loss! “This couldn’t be!” she said to herself, “I loved the music of life too much”!

Click below to see how Tracy practices resilience strategies every day.

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Today’s #TidbitTuesday is timely.  It’s flu and allergy season and it seems like errrbody been getting sick! Ain’t nobody got time fuh dat! So, whether you are already sick or just want to avoid it…
Click on this line of text for some killer germ busting ideas that I do, and did do this past week, when half my family turned up sick.


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